Me going up the Ledges at All Wheels

When on a ride with some guys from Maine 4X4 the night before. I did this line that night and made it. This is the first time I had done this line in the day light. Its the easiest line there but its I don't have the torque to do the other line. And don't have any of what I need to the hardest line there.

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Suzuki Jimny with new General Grabber tyres, GoPro hero2 slow mo
Had some chunky General Grabber tyres fitted to my Suzi Jimny, on the same day that my GoPro suction mount arrived... ideal opportunity to try out the tyres in the mud while filming from some different angles and try out the GoPro slow mo setting. Music: General, Ini Kamoze

NEW General Tire Grabber MT mud tires in action
Look how NEW General Tire Grabber MT mud tires performs in real off-road conditions on Nissan Patrol. Read more about Off-Road Adventures in Baltics -

General Grabber JK walk- around

2WD F150 playing in the Mud & Drift
1996 2WD F150 4.9L(300-L6) First time this trucks been in the mud and it's only a 2WD. Stock with 29" General Grabber "AT2" A/T's.