Supermoto Police Chase

The cop was lit up with sirens on the way to an emergency. The rider with his music blasting, unaware pulled out in front of the cop rippin down the Snake. The cop was just a short distance behind the rider so everyone thought it was a police chase. Even funnier, the rider pulled over to come up for a second run and the cop continued on. Everyone thought the rider hid as the cop passed. When the rider came back he had no idea what was going on.

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Mulholland Riders Best Of Instagram Compilation
Follow Me on Instagram - HD compilation of recent vids I've posted to Instagram. If you use Instagram follow me for more frequent clips of Mulholland. I'm still posting longer videos to youtube, many of short clips on instagram will end up in longer rider videos. Here is a Google maps link if you are trying to find the spot I film on Mulholland - Thanks for Watching!

INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Police chase bikes, incredible drifting HD
Drifting trought heavy corners on country road

World's Fastest Lotus - Redux
Spotted on Mulholland Ronin's Exige from the "Worlds Fastest Lotus" episode on the Drive channel . Rebuilt after a crash, the car is even lighter and faster than before. Look for it in upcoming episodes of Tuned and Jay Leno's Garage. Here is the car before being rebuilt.

Police Chase | Cops vs Bikers | Police Pullovers | Road Rage Ep. 21
BIKER FACE MASKS - Police Chase | Cops vs Bikers | Police Pullovers | Road Rage Ep. 21 - --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- PLEASE! CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL VIDEOS: 0:03 ARMoto - PBA: Cops Wanna Impound My Bike.. - 0:30 FTPriderZ216 - FTP I dont stop for cops!!! - 0:56 weljo2001 - Pulled Over By Nice Cop On PCH - 5:50 ONE WAY UP - 🐷🚔POLICE HATE MOTORCYCLES - 7:45 SOVA Rides - Cop Thinks We're on Dirt Bikes - 9:28 SuperDave - Riding Gear and Getting Pulled Over - 11:09 MotoSensation - DIRT BIKE VS POLICE MOTORCYCLE!! - ALL VIDEOS ARE USED WITH COPYRIGHT OWNERS PERMISSION ONLY. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- If you are copyright owner and FIND ANY MISTAKE IN YOUR CREDIT, please message me (not in comment section) here - I will fix it. If you have videos, that you want to be featured, submit your video here -