Driving my turbo v8 ranger

Another video driving my 93 Ford Ranger v8 turbo. This time with my brother's camera.

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Procharged V8 Ranger
This is my father an myself' little hot rod truck. Its a 1989 Ford Ranger XL longbed. We built a ProCharged 327cid motor with a C4 trans. 8.8 rear end, and so on and so fourth and whatknot and what have you.......... ignore my inbread sounding speach. It is a fun truck to go screw around in. I love destroying Vettes and Camaros and even hopped up Mustangs and Lightnings.

Pinks 75 Chevy Nova vs 93 Ford Ranger

Turbo V8 ranger walk around
Finally got it fired up. Needs tuned yet. Its a 93 ranger with a dss level 20 with dished pistons fully forged and ballanced, AFR 205 heads,custom blower cam,TFS-R intake, Aeromotive fuel rails and FPR,80lb injectors, Fast XFI 2.0 standalone, turbo setup built by me with a gsp turbo 72/68, 4 link with QA1 coilovers in rear, Cobra 13in brakes up front. Beltech 3in drop beams.-

Eric Olson's '83 Ford Ranger once a Nitrous fed wild wheelstanding pickup, now sporting twin 72mm T72 turbos in the bed, powered by SBF 427CI Windsor with solid tappet cam, with Trick Flow Heads, C+S blow thru carb, 9" ford rearend with leaf spring suspension. With runs of 9.10, 8.91, and 8.70@163.85 Eric gave all the Rockford Pro Street Division races all they could handle that day! 9-28-14