How Bosch Piezoelectric Diesel Injector Works

How Bosch Piezoelectric Diesel Injector Works Amazon Printed Books Amazon Kindle Edition Android APPs Common rail Diesel fuel injection is now the state of the art in engine injection. The Bosch Piezoelectric (crystal) injector operates using a crystal stack, usually Quartz, that changes size when energized. The piezoelectric effect states that when a crystal such a Quarts is squeezed an electric current is generated. By the same token, when electricity is applied to the crystal is changes shape. This minute change in crystal size is used to trigger a small fuel chamber on and off. In turn, this chamber creates a pressure differential at the top of the injector which make it open and close. See how it all works here. Presented using advanced software CG animation technology to help you understand. Part of our Diesel and electronic series shown here on this channel. Enjoy... ************************************************************************************** Amazon Printed-Books & Kindle: Google Play Android APPs: Amazon Video DVDs: Barnes & Noble Nook: Apple iTunes iPad:

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Connecting the Fuse Peeker
Get the Fuse-Peeker here... html The Fuse Peeker is a dynamic current probe, for your car’s fuse panel diagnostic. Following, we will see the contents of the automotive fuse peeker set, as you’ll receive when you purchase it. The fuse peeker is composed of the following... The Fuse Peeker box, which has all the current sensing electronics, with the replaceable micro chip. This chip makes the unit completely serviceable by you. So if it breaks, you can simply remove and replace the chip yourself, which has a snap on socket. The fuse peeker also comes with an array of EMF electronic electro magnetic interference shielded cables. These include, the power cable, BNC signal cable, Fuse adapter cables with alligator clips adapter, and the long adapter to fuse panel cable. The Fuse Peeker is a dedicated fuse panel diagnostic device, that attaches to your own oscilloscope, graphing meter or the auto Scope 1. Then, you use the fuse peeker to connect in place of the fuse, at the fuse panel. It has no shunt resistor, but uses hall effect electronics to measure current flow. So, now you can test all sorts of components, by just removing the fuse, and connecting the fuse peeker. The fuse peeker, allows you to test all components that run on power levels of 100 milli Amps and higher in a dynamic way. These include solenoids, injectors, motors, ignition coils, fuel pumps, power door locks, transmission shift solenoids, and even sensor and computer ground lines. It measures operation, like solenoid injector pintle opening, ignition coil magnetic field while the coil short is happening, or fuel pump motor speed while it’s turning. How many times have you seen one vehicle sensor shorting, and bringing down all the other sensors attached to the circuit. Well, since the fuse peeker is meant for dynamic currents higher than 100 milli Amps, it can be used to test the entire ground sensor ground circuit. The Fuse Peeker is not your conventional Amp meter. You may ask yourself, so why not use an Amp meter in series with the circuit. That’s fine, but you can’t gain dynamic diagnostic information from a multimeter. The Fuse Peeker can show you solenoid and injector opening, so it’ll show you if the injector or transmission solenoid is clogged. It can also show you fuel pump operation, and dozens of other components. Imagine your car with lack of power, and hesitation due to low fuel flow. The Fuse Peeker can let you analyze the fuel pumps rotational speed, to determine if it is flowing the 0.3 gallons per minute needed for any car, from 4 to 12 cylinders to at least run properly. Future videos will show you how to use the fuse peeker more in depth. The fuse peeker is a unique piece of equipment, and an ally to your automotive diagnostic arsenal.

Common Rail Injector
NEW! if you want you can buy the 3d model of the injector, just go to : --------------------------------------------------------- this is the anim i made for my final degree dissertation some years ago. Hope you like it

038 Piezo Injector Operation
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How a Common Rail Diesel Injector Works and Common Failure Points - Engineered Diesel
We, at Engineered Diesel, created this video to help our customers have a better understanding of how a common rail diesel injector works, which makes it easier to understand why they fail. This video also points out common failure points within the injectors. If you are experiencing ANY of these symptoms, you may need new injectors. Contact us at 616-892-8204 or visit us online at We deal primarily with Pickup Truck engines for Cummins, Duramax, and Powerstroke.