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2/27/11 SCCA NER Slip-N-Slide Rallyx @ NED

The 7th and final run of the day for driver Eric Amato, stock front class car #099 in a 1988 Isuzu I-mark. Rally took place at New England Dragway on 2/27/11


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2012 SCCA RallyCross National Championships
A record number of participants competed for one of 9 championships in Tulsa, OK at the 2012 SCCA RallyCross National Championships held October 6-7 at Tulsa Raceway Park. Visit http://www.scca.com for more inforamtion Photos from the event can be found at http://gotcone.com/pgallery/2012_scca_rallycross_national_championships/

Rallycross Houston SCCA
January 2014 Rallycross Houston SCCA event held outside of Houston near Sealy, Tx at the property of Hennessey Performance Engineering and Lonestar Motorsports Park. This video was shot to cover the event and to help people learn more about the sport and about the Houston Rallycross club within the SCCA. For more information on Rallycross events, go to facebook and search 'Texas SCCA Rallycross'. You can find future events and info on how to join the club. You can also go to http://www.houscca.com to learn about the Houston SCCA chapter. Video was shot and edited by Kenzie delaTorre of 3 Streaks Creative http://www.3streaks.com

SCCA Rallycross Got Dirt II
Video put together from Got Dirt II Rallycross in Tenino Washington. SCCA affiliated. Sorry some of the videos are shaky, I forgot to bring my tripod along. Song: Under the Gun by Electric Guests

2012 WOR SCCA Rallycross PE3
All runs (minus the one I forgot to turn the camera on) from yesterday's Rallycross held by Western Ohio Region SCCA and hosted at the awesome Roos' Farm facility. TWICE in the afternoon I went wide of a gate. Both times I tried to hit it with the car so it counts as a cone and not a missed gate. 2 second penalty vs. 10 second. I'm unsure if it worked or not.

2011 Eastern States RallyX Day 1. 01-15-2011
2011 Eastern States Rallycross Championship. Day 1. 01-15-2011. Stafford Springs, CT.

SCCA Rallycross - Bradford Fairgrounds RallyX 6-11-11 SF Win!
On my way to a class win in Stock FWD! The rain went on all day and turned the course into a mudbowl, but I drove hard and consistently, which got the results! What a day! Subscribe to my channel and/or check out and follow www.perkinsrally.tumblr.com

NER SCCA Covered Bridge RallyX Okemo VT 11-6-11.mp4
Music by Lights ... Videography and Editing by Douglas Bolduc -- A summary of my day (Nov. 6th 2011) at the New England Region Sports Car Club of America at Okemo Mountain, VT .. It is the Covered Bridge RallyCross .. got to go for a bunch of rides in some pretty cool cars .. great driving talent. Thanks to Kathy Moody and Chris Regan for putting on the event.

How to Autocross Faster - Ep 1 - Analyzing Porsche Club Runs
Topics and tips covered include braking, racing line, corner exit, early acceleration, and back-siding the slalom cones. Autocross drivers Jeremy Ault and Kent McKnight analyze their runs from the February 2013 Maverick Region Porsche Club Autocross #1 to learn how to be faster and teach you autocross tips from what is learned along the way. LIKE us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/EvolutionAutocrosser You should not take anything from this video as being advice. That said, if you make the same mistakes we do or are new to autocross, maybe you may also find this video helpful. Be sure to watch Episode 2 on Slaloms - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzr2ffrwoQQ

NER Stafford Springs Rally X - (01/21/2012)
This was my very first rally x event that I entered. It's A LOT of fun, so if you ever get a chance to try it, I definitely recommend it. This was my 5th run of the day. Afterwards, there was a little practice course that we could play around on. Such a great day!

SCCA Rallycross - Favorite Runs from Stafford 2012
Had a ton of fun out at my first time in Stock AWD after a year of competing in "Stock Front" in the Sentra. Very respectable finishes of 5th / 20 on Saturday, 7th / 15 on Sunday with a 5th overall for the weekend. Looking forward to really improving my driving skills to try and catch the very experienced AWD competitors!

SCCA Rallycross - Slip-N-Slide 2/27/2011
This is some video of cars in the Modified AWD class, Prepared AWD class, and some of the 2WD classes. This was at Slip-N-Slide, a rallycross event with the New England Region of the SCCA on 2/27/2011. These cars were just a few of the 53 cars racing at the event.

NER SCCA Rallycross Ascutney, VT 2007
Several runs from the rallycross in Ascutney this year. Its hard to tell from the video, but the surface is rock solid. The ruts in the field didnt budge at all, I chickened out of running this day. We left early, so Im not sure how many cars were broken...

Ner.org RallyCross Suzuki Aerio
Ner.org sponsored Rallycross event at Hebron, Conn. May 31st 2008

4x4TV Test - 2002 Isuzu Axiom 4x4
4x4TV Test - 2002 Isuzu Axiom 4x4 SEE ALL OUR OVER 150 OTHER VIDEOS @ http://www.4x4TV.TV

NER SCCA RallyCross - Essex Junction, VT 9/28/03
Footage from the New England Region SCCA RallyCross held at Champlain Valley Exposition Center, Essex Junction, VT, on September 28, 2003.

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Dylan, Engine: 2.0 lsj, Supercharger: Eaton M62 Tires: Eagle F1 gs-d3

2005 Saturn ION Redline: 13.773 @ 109.770
Taylor Leier, Engine: 2.0 LSJ, Supercharger: Stock M62 Tires: Nitto nt555 235/45/17

2006 Saturn ION Ion3 QC 2.4L LE5 Nitrous: 13.928 @ 104.190
John Weber, Engine: I4 - 2.4L - LE5, Tires: General UHP Exclaim

2006 Saturn ION Redline: 13.948 @ 100.970
Matt Pfaff, Engine: 2.0L ecotec, Supercharger: Eaton

2006 Saturn ION Ion3 QC 2.4L LE5 Nitrous: 13.971 @ 102.290
John Weber -, Engine: 2.4L VVT - LE5, Tires: General Exclaim UHP

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Redlinekid, Supercharger: 2.9 Pulley

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Jeremy Brown, Engine: 2.0L, Supercharger: Eaton M62


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