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2/27/11 SCCA NER Slip-N-Slide Rallyx @ NED

The 7th and final run of the day for driver Eric Amato, stock front class car #099 in a 1988 Isuzu I-mark. Rally took place at New England Dragway on 2/27/11


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New England Region SCCA - Ocean State RallyX 2010
Wakefield, Rhode Island

SCCA Rallycross - Bradford Fairgrounds RallyX 6-11-11 SF Win!
On my way to a class win in Stock FWD! The rain went on all day and turned the course into a mudbowl, but I drove hard and consistently, which got the results! What a day! Subscribe to my channel and/or check out and follow www.perkinsrally.tumblr.com

2011 Eastern States RallyX Day 1. 01-15-2011
2011 Eastern States Rallycross Championship. Day 1. 01-15-2011. Stafford Springs, CT.

SCCA Rallycross - Slip-N-Slide 2/27/2011
This is some video of cars in the Modified AWD class, Prepared AWD class, and some of the 2WD classes. This was at Slip-N-Slide, a rallycross event with the New England Region of the SCCA on 2/27/2011. These cars were just a few of the 53 cars racing at the event.

Dennis Anderson King Sling North vs. South 2013

Ner.org RallyCross Suzuki Aerio
Ner.org sponsored Rallycross event at Hebron, Conn. May 31st 2008

SCCA RallyCross NER @ NED (Ford Focus SVT)
First run of the afternoon! Frozen grass, ice, dirt, and mud all in one run made for a challenging and fun day!

Acura RSX Rallycross NER.org
My friend Jon at his first rallycross event in his Acura RSX.

NER SCCA Rallycross Ascutney, VT 2007
Several runs from the rallycross in Ascutney this year. Its hard to tell from the video, but the surface is rock solid. The ruts in the field didnt budge at all, I chickened out of running this day. We left early, so Im not sure how many cars were broken...

FCA/NER Track Event at Monticello, by Ferrari of New England
Courtesy of Ferrari of New England, a brief video of the action at the Ferrari Club of America, New England Region track 2-day event at Monticello Motor Club

Ner.org SCCA Rallycross Hebron, Conn.
Here is some of the action from AWD cars during this event.

Red Bull Frozen Rush Qualifier 2014
Start of a qualifying run at the 2014 Red Bull Frozen Rush at Sunday River in Newry, ME

SCCA NER Stafford Springs Rally-x Sat 4:4
final run of the day and of course it has to be the fastest. why couldn't i pull theses out all day. Still a very fun event like always.

SCCA NER Stafford Springs Rally-x Sat 3:4
ne wcorse for the afternoon. quick and long lots of fun

SCCA NER Stafford Springs Rally-x Sat 2:4
Run number two of the day. more grip but has some sneak spots

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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