0-60 My RS 2000 Lucifer

RS2K 0-60, quite quick.

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My RS 2000 vid
My old RS2000, first propper vid of it after new engine build, engine in the vid made 171 BHP but then lots more modications came and didnt get around to RRing it again so who knows what it was making :( RIP Lucifer roll on.... Lucifer Tribute RS2000, L666 RSK & Lucifer 2, L666 TWO RS 2000 film

RS2000 30-90
RS2000 30-90

Escort RS 2000 150 Bhp by Marker
My Escort RS 2000 0-140

Ford Escort RS2000 Commercial (Mk5)
Where is the great Original Ford Escort RS2000 (mk5) Commercial Feel free to do a comment