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Seat Leon FR TDI 150PS to 186PS @ 421Nm - DIESELPOWER dyno tuning: www.dp-race.com


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How to tune up your TDI
Today i show ya how to tune up your Diesel engine. In the injector cleaning part of the video, i dont explane part one, since its not very safe, however, you dont need to do the first stage, stage two (boiling in the engine oil) will usually work perfect. add some off the shelf ATF to really clean them up.

Seat Leon FR v Leon Cupra - Aguascalientes
Seat leon FR 2006 unitronic stg1+ 2.5" downpipe cupra 2003 stock ---- Aguascalientes Mexico visit www.rvag.com contact nac5000@hotmail.com

NEW Porsche Cayenne II 3.0TDI 0-264km/h - DIESELPOWER dyno tuning: www.dp-race.com

SEAT Leon CUPRA4 171kW TDI - BEST OF THE BEST 09/10 _NEW version_www.dp-race.com
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Reprogrammation moteur Seat Leon Cupra R 265cv @ 332cv dyno digiservices
Passage dans nos ateliers d'une Seat Leon Cupra R de 265cv. Nous obtenons, par le biais de notre repogrammation moteur, 332cv et 513Nm!

Seat Leon by Tuning Kingz teaser
Coming late this summer... http://www.tuningkingz.pl http://facebook.com/gruby.studio Music: 23 Violins - Bangkok

Seat Leon 1.9 TDI 14.8 1/4 mile Madness Motorsport
Seat Leon 1.9 TDI 14.8 1/4 mile Madness Motorsport Drag Racing Sliven 2011

Lamborghini Aventador Tuning - Flaming Dyno Runs With Viezu and Oakley Design
Lamborghini Aventador LP 700 tuning at Viezu with John Oakley Design Tunings is great fun, and something we at Viezu have a real passion for, we always get excited to have a car on the Dyno, there is no exception even after the hundreds and hundreds of cars we have tuned, its always good to hear a car power up on the Dyno, but then there are cars and there are CARS! And the Lamborghini Aventador is certainly the later. As far as we know this is the first Lamborghini Aventador tuning and ecu remapping undertaken anywhere - so it's another world first for Viezu. www.viezu.com The lines of the Lamborghini Aventador are so striking, sure we have seen them before, but the Lamborghini Aventador dominates the Dyno room at Viezu HQ as she is loaded on the rollers, this is a seriously huge car and it has so much form in the room. As the Dyno loads up with the Aventador the foundations of the building are shaking, she is pulling up some good power and bang on the Lamborghini claim, but now its Viezu time......................

Ford Focus ST vs Seat Leon Cupra R drag race
Drag race at crail. Red ford focus st vs liquid yellow seat leon cupra r.

Seat leon Fr TDI Banco Upsolute Padrón
Stage 2 208,8 cv 444Nm Bandidos Chipped

Seat Leon Cupra Stage 2+ Vs Ferrari 360 Modena (part 2)
On our way to Chania - Crete, we found some interesting company on the road. Pulling from 3rd to 4th gear the Leon seemed a little quicker.

Featured: Seat Leon Cupra
Aus der Reihe GERMAN BLECHKLEID eine Nightsession mit Dave und seinem Seat Leon Cupra. Ein wunderschönes Exempel des stilvollen Tunings.

Seat Leon TDI 150 hp (ARL) 230 km/h
Seat Leon 1.9 tdi 150 hp ARL (stock) 140-230 km/h, 6. speed..

195bhp Seat Leon Cupra TDI - Mufflerectomy and ECU Remap
THOR Racing's three stages of tuning for a Seat Leon Cupra TDI. 1) Air Filter 2) Exhaust 3) ECU Remap All measurements recorded on chassis Dyno to prove results.

Benefits of DPF Delete Removal Seat Leon FR 2.0TDI 170BHP with MAHA dyno
Benefits of DPF Delete Removal Seat Leon FR 2.0TDI 170BHP with MAHA Dyno

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2002 Seat Leon : 13.083 @ 103.000
Damniczki Balazs, Engine: 1.8T, Turbos: GT28RS Tires: 225/45 17

2004 Seat Leon FR TDI: 14.000 @ 96.350
Sebastian Miclea, Engine: 185 Hp,

2003 Seat Leon RR 20VT: 14.172 @ 104.570
tyutyesz, Turbos: Garrett GT28RS Tires: Yokohama A006T

2005 Seat Leon FR 150 TDi: 16.158 @ 85.350
Alan Colledge, Engine: 1.9 Turbo Diesel, Supercharger: No Turbos: Yes Tires: Stock


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