How to change door actuator on 2003 Honda accord

Removing a door actuator on 2003-2007 Honda accord

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2003 Honda Accord driver door lock actuator replacement
This is for a 2003 Honda Accord Ex 2 dr Coupe, it will probably be same for 2003-2007 as they use the same actuator. I purchased an aftermarkt one from for $19.95 free shipping. The Fac OE # is 72155S5PA11 I had never replaced an actuator on this vehicle before. I didnt really find a procedure for the drivers door. Alldata information was terrible so I decided to tackle it & document as best as possible for the rest of you. I was quite surpised how simple it was. Please LIKE if you find this helpful

How to Replace The Door Lock Actuator on an 05 Honda Accord Coup 2 Door
Was Replacing The Door Lock Actuator For a Friend of Mine on Their Drivers Door on a 2 Door Coup Honda Accord 05 EX So I Figured I Should Put an Easy to Follow Video For anyone Else That Needs To Do The Job. This Might Work on Other Years Like 03 04 06 ?? Not Sure But as Long as They Look The Same. Sorry In The Middle There The Camera Wasn't Where I Needed it to Be to Get a Good Shot But That's What Happens When you're Your Own Camera Man and Don't Have a Screen to View What You're Doing .. That Darn GoPro HeeHee.

Replacing the RF Door Lock Actuador on my 2005 Honda Accord...

2004 Honda Accord Door Lock Actuator Replacement HD Detailed Fix Power Door Lock Not Working
Driver Door Lock Actuator: Door Handle Cable: In this video I am replacing the Door Lock Actuator in my 2004 Honda Accord LX. You have to remove 4 screws and a 10mm bolt in order to remove the door lock actuator and get your door locks working again. I show in great detail all the frustrations and real world scenarios that occur when making this repair. Some people also find out that their Door Latch Cable is broken so I have included the link for that part as well. Although my actuator was broken, I actually broke the door latch cable end and had to replace it also.