How to change door actuator on 2003 Honda accord

Removing a door actuator on 2003-2007 Honda accord

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2004 Honda Accord Door Lock Actuator Replacement HD Detailed Fix Power Door Lock Not Working
Driver Door Lock Actuator: Door Handle Cable: In this video I am replacing the Door Lock Actuator in my 2004 Honda Accord LX. You have to remove 4 screws and a 10mm bolt in order to remove the door lock actuator and get your door locks working again. I show in great detail all the frustrations and real world scenarios that occur when making this repair. Some people also find out that their Door Latch Cable is broken so I have included the link for that part as well. Although my actuator was broken, I actually broke the door latch cable end and had to replace it also.

2003 Honda Accord driver door lock actuator replacement
This is for a 2003 Honda Accord Ex 2 dr Coupe, it will probably be same for 2003-2007 as they use the same actuator. I purchased an aftermarkt one from for $19.95 free shipping. The Fac OE # is 72155S5PA11 I had never replaced an actuator on this vehicle before. I didnt really find a procedure for the drivers door. Alldata information was terrible so I decided to tackle it & document as best as possible for the rest of you. I was quite surpised how simple it was. Please LIKE if you find this helpful

How to replace door lock actuator on a 2003-2007 Honda Accord (driver's door)
This video shows how to remove and replace a driver's door actuator (door lock motor) on a 2003-2007 Honda Accord.

Replacing the RF Door Lock Actuador on my 2005 Honda Accord...