MVHY Fiat 500 Louis Armstrong All the time in the World

MVHY Fiat 500 celebrates her 50th Birthday this year 2007. The Fiat 500 is the worlds smallest mass produced car. It has been voted by UK Top Gear as the "worlds sex-iest car". 2007 also sees the re-birth of the Fiat500 (the Trepiùno) being launched in September. Fiats own website has been a media sucess. Thanks MVHY

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Die kleine Geschichte des Fiat 500
Kurzdoku über die Geschichte des Fiat 500.

LOUIS AMSTRONG - We Have All The Time In The World (subtitulos español)
Clip de la película "007 Al Servicio Secreto De Su Majestad"

restauro fiat 500 L del 1969 parte 1°
ecco la foto di un restauro di una fiat 500 l del 1969.... solo l inizio....

Fiat 500 Restoration
1968 Fiat 500 F Restoration