Appin motorcross track 2012 25/2/2012

a few laps around appin

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Goanna Tracks MX

GO PRO: Appin motocross junior lites round 2
me racing at appin for round two in the junior lites class

Gopro laps around Appin MX on a Yz125
Mate doing a few laps using a Gopro on a Sunday, last ride for 2011 filmed 18/12/2011 Made a mistake while rendering the video and for most people you will only be able to hear out of the left speaker, but for those with 5.1 sound, everything should be fine; will fix this in future uploads :) Appin MX Practice track on 125

Appin MX Track
just riding appin on the 1/4/2012, using my gopro hd hero 2