Appin motorcross track 2012 25/2/2012

a few laps around appin

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Goonriding: Idiots in Motorcross -
Official training session video for the 2011 European and World Championship Goonriding, which will take place during the Crazy Night in Hardenberg (26th of november) and Venray (10th of december) in Holland. More bs on

Talented 13 years old Motocross rider! in HD!!
Sigbjørn fjeldbu 13 years old riding at his local motocross track. track: Eidskog Mx (Norway) Bike: Kawasaki monster edition kxf250 (2009) He's back! here is an update video 2014:

Appin MX Track Fight Original
#70 cries because he couldnt get past a slower rider. His mate with the GoPro encourages the bulls*** by laughing like a clown and saying that #67 cut off #70. Which is bs. Its motocross. This behavior is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. If you saw this happen would you jump around cheering like the guy did with the GoPro or assist the guy that was being abused? I found this video on some other video website, they had originally removed it from youtube. I snagged a copy and re-uploaded it :) According to the thread below, this guy has been banned from the track for life. The track they are on is a practice track. Appin is normally a good track with slow riders to pros. See thread here:

Just a little vid with me having a play on my old suzuki rm 125 hope you enjoy :)