Lexus IS200 reving with/without air filter

Lexus IS200 (2.0, 155hp) reving once with and once without air filter

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Lexus IS K&N Installation
Installing a K&N intake system with filter. Mode: 69-8701TP Price: $260-$270 music : "Tunechis Back" "Loc Saint-The Piper"

Czyszczenie zaworu i filtra VVTI w Lexus IS200
Cleaning vvti valve and filter. Czyszczenie vvti, wymiana lub demontaż. I heard that new version of vvti filter is avaiable in stock, with better flow surface. You can check it :)

Lexus IS200 Dyno.
My Lexus IS200 on the Dyno 154HP 219NM The car is pretty mutch stock, the only thing i have done is, putting on a PiperCross intake and Japspeed Cat-Back Exhaust, so it is pretty resonable result. Stock the car puts out 155HP and 195NM.

IS200 & Nice View
Quick video of my car when I went for a drive up to a place called Maerdy, high above Aberdare, it's a lovely, short and sweet mountain road with a nice set of twisty bends. Almost all of the modifications are cosmetic(looks only) and the POD air filter is mainly for that nice induction noise. The POD filter supposedly adds some extra kilowatts... I'm only joking, that's Mighty Car Mods jokes =P The car is more or less stock really. The only thing I've done to it since I've had it is give it a good full service and swapped the brake pads for 'EBC green stuff'. Painted and serviced the brake calipers and added braided brake lines all round. The interior is completely stock but I love it as it is, just a nice place to be, simple and sleek. Pardon me for the average quality of the video and sound, borrowed a "smart" phone to record this ; ) The nice view isn't done justice much at all. It was a very clear day and I could see for miles.