Triumph Street Triple Servicing - Fatal Motorbike Crashes - A Sweet Corner

Bit of a mixed bag this one. Picked up the bike from the dealer today after the 1000km service. Bike feels great, loving riding. Where I live is having a shocking run of fatal motorbike crashes, I touch on this a little in the vid. Also, I take a sweet sweet off-ramp that brings back some fond memories. There's something in this for everyone! Ride safe everyone. Ride within the limits of your skill set. Ride within the limits of your bike. Ride within the limits of the conditions at the time. Too much carnage. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "MT-09 Vlog - A Mode all the way. Random Bollocks" ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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A motorcyclist crashes on a lesson. (read description first)
*PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION AND PREVIOUS COMMENTS BEFORE COMMENTING * On the way to the Module one test, we pulled over to do a final U turn and an emergency stop. The road was damp so decided to do a lighter stop. Bear in mind Jeff was already FULLY TRAINED up and this was a brief practise before his test, he just had a nervous moment on the day. He's normally a good rider and we all mess up. The road surface was tarmac and in good condition. My riderscan review (that funny mirror on my bike) is here For people thinking going to the bike first is wrong... Explanation of what Jeff did wrong here _vid=Rl7Wq80rkbA&v=W6GrtsM5d3M Filmed on my lovely Drift Ghost HD. For 10% discount on Drift cams and accessories, insert discount code beech10 Or call 01159 297414 during business hours to enable discount!/pages/Road...

How to corner and brake on a sport bike.

YOU....Pull Over!
I was having an awesome ride till this happened lol :P If anything he could have thrown the book at me and taken my baby away but i got very lucky......again hehehe Lane Splitting is NOT illegal in the state of Victoria Australia OR illegal to not have ya Licence On you when pulled over by police. Why didn't i run? LOL, yeah that would have been a good idea, when he was right behind me and could read my plate, sure i would get away, only to find them waiting at my door when i got home.... Why did i lane split?...because the person driving in the right hand lane was finding it difficult to stay in their lane, which is why i glance at my right mirror just after passing them because they almost forced me into the undercover cop car to the left. I'm here for a good time, not a long time...if you don't like the way i ride...why watch this video? i've been riding the same way for 20 years. By all means troll away & to the rest of you, cheers for watching...YOU ROCK! :)

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