Thrust SSC -over the sound barrier !

October 1997, UK managed to break the sound barrier on earth, using the fantastic Thrust SSC vehicule. I made this video because there was too few videos about this remarkable event on the web. (music credits: Spa 24 hours - Stephen Baysted)

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Έχετε αναρωτηθεί ποτέ πως να ακούγεται το "σπάσιμο" του φράγματος του ήχου??? Το λεγόμενο "sonic boom"? Αυτό που κάνει το όχημα να περνάει πρώτο.... & μετά να ακολουθεί ο ήχος του...? Σε αυτό το video θα δείτε το Thrust Scc, το γρηγορότερο όχημα στο εδάφος, να το πετυχαίνει...!

ThrustSSC run 61 (supersonic) tail view with subtitles and extra information
My gratitude goes to Andy Green for helping with the 4 or 5 bits of this video which I could not understand. Thanks Andy! Who: Andy Green What: Going supersoinc on land When: 13th October 1997 at 11:23 AM Where: Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA Why: Because they dared to do what everyone said could not be done! ThrustSSC's 61st run was the first properly supersoinc run which ThrustSCC did, going beyong the target speed of 715mph indicated (750mph true) to 725mph indicated (760mph true). This was a warmup for the main event. Later that same day the Thrust team attempted to create the first supersonic World Land Speed Record. To set a World Land Speed Record you need to complete 2 runs in opposite directions within 60 minutes. On the first run a double parachute failure created a 2 mile overrun requiring a long tow back to the start line, Andy was about 40 seconds too late coming back across the measured mile. 2 days later they tried again and were succesful, setting the first ever supersoinc Wolrd Land Speed record: 763.035 mph 1227.723 km/h Mach 1.020 For the whole story search for "Supersoinc Dreams", a BBC documentry following the last stages of Project Thust.

Thrust SSC & Bloodhound SSC The 1,000mph Car
Bloodhound intento de récord de velocidad en tierra Nota: Blog:

Supercar Hits 714mph
Powered by two Phantom II jet fighter engines, the Thrust SSC hits 714mph (1149km/h) in the Black Rock Desert in 1997. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more awesome vids: Subscribe for more car footage here: More from Diagonal View: Facebook: Twitter: For more Awesome videos visit our channel: Check out some of our more intense video's including high speed chases and a Spectacular 100mph train crash in this new playlist: