Tundra using the ARB

Testing out the ARB locker.

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Tundra ARB Front Locker Demo
Showing the difference between using 4 low only and then 4 low with the front ARB locker engaged.

Toyota Tundra and Snow
Playing in a snow drift on the way to a lookout tower in Tahoe. Still too much snow to get to the top in the middle of July!

Hellwig 991 1st gen Tundra install and Amazon review
I'm really sorry about the audio, I have a hard time remembering to speak up. Overall, I'm happy with the springs. You can get them here, super inexpensive and free shipping: http://amzn.to/1Awf36t They added very little lift, less than an inch, but the important thing is that the truck drives a lot better, not so soggy in the rear, unloaded or not. The front matches the rear in stiffness now. Less wheel hop on washboard gravel roads. Handles better when towing and with a load. Better around corners in all circumstances. The "before load" was heavier than the "after load", I know, but it does feel better and doesn't sag as much. Still flexes well, I don't think articulation was affected. The best way to go would be a new custom spring pack, but short of that these work very well, much cheaper than air springs. I would have liked air springs, but they would have rubbed on my tires if there was any flex. These are better than air SHOCKS by a mile, those are way too harsh for me. I had them on my 4runner, not a good ride at all. At all. I have the factory TRD Bilstiens on the Tundra and the ride is plush with the tires at 32-34 psi. I expected a little harshness, but I did not notice any, and with a nerve condition, I'll be the first to notice. I have them cranked to the max according to Hellwig (a number 2 pencil should be able to fit between the springs) and the ride is quite nice. Haven't felt the need to make them softer for daily driving, and ride quality is super important to me since a harsh ride can inflame my nerves quickly. Very happy.

TRD Pro VS TRD Off-road Tundra
A few differences between two awesome 2017 Tundras. Shea "Mr. Butter" Mccoy Riverview Toyota Email:smccoy@riverviewtoyota.com Mr. Butter Cell: 480-521-3589 Office:480-655-4400 Like us on Facebook for awesome events, updates and more https://www.facebook.com/RTY-Performance-418565565183209/ Follow us on Twitter for events, updates & more https://twitter.com/rtyperformance Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rtyperformance/ Check out our Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/rtyperformance/ showing you some sweet builds we have! More to come!