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Modern Frigates. TOP 7 Most Deadliest & Powerful Military Frigates In History Documentary
Best compilation of top seven most powerful and deadliest military frigates: 7.SHIVALIK CLASS [INDIA] 6. TYPE-54A [CHINA] 5. FRIDTJOF NANSEN CLASS [NORWAY] 4. ÁLVARO DE BAZÁN-CLASS [SPAIN] 3. CARLO BERGAMINI CLASS [ITALY] 2. ADMIRAL GORSHKOV CLASS [RUSSIA] 1. SACHSEN CLASS [GERMANY] My partner - - Best exploring abandoned places

Frigate (1973)
Official govt film uploaded as "fair use." Documentary following HMS Sirius (F40) a Royal Navy Leander-class frigate during AAW and ASW exercises. Includes RAS with RFA Grey Rover (A269). Port visit to Madeira.

The Great Ships - The Viking Ships (History Channel)
Please Enjoy and Subscribe. Thanks! Chart a course for discovery in this fascinating look at the simple, sturdy and legendary ships that helped make the Vikings the most influential people of the dark ages. Their design was elegant in its simplicity - a long open boat with a single square sail and a row of oars on each side. But decorated with fearsome prows and sternposts resembling dragons and filled with some of the most dreaded warriors of all time, they were among the most important ships in history. THE VIKING LONGSHIPS traces the saga of exploration and conquest that marked the age of the Norsemen and their fabled ships. Visit world-famous museums in Oslo and Denmark for an up-close look at these ancient boats. Discover how the Vikings used their rugged ships to spread their influence as far away as the New World, and experience the terror of a Viking raid through dramatic re-enactments and period accounts. From the pages of legend to a short trip to sea aboard a modern reconstruction, this is the ultimate look at one of the most fabled vessels of all time.

Warship vs Big Waves-1
This channel contains a selection of videos I have enjoyed in YouTube, as we all do and they represent nothing but my personal "taste". The video clips showing the rough seas is to remind us who served at seas, the days we were sailing indeed like Ulysses, in the "arms" of Poseidon, some times in calm, some times in storms we now realize how exactly it was... When you are onboard you only see "waters" bellow, in all the sides and "above"... and you let your body fight with the Gs. Sometimes the ship is falling down the waves and leaves you floating on the air, and then is coming back, under your feet and makes you feel 10 times heavier... not to mention the rolling and pitching. For "endless" hours, you go wave by wave, counting for the "big" one... 1, 2, 3 ,..... 7 and again and again. The sea is never an "enemy" to fear. It only needs to be respected. This challenge, this "rough play" is what makes us to love her for ever, even if -some times-she gets away to Hades (Poseidon's brother, not by coincidence), some of our beloved ones... that's the special about navy guys... "los vivos, los muertos y los barcados" ! PS: Nothing in this "playlist" is my "intellectual property". I have only included and am sharing these collection of videos with friends and colleagues with every respect to the actual contributors (Marine Nationale) who deserve every acknowledgment. Pls read the credits and see the people who created it). And since many of the viewers are asking about the music, I believe it is from Soundiva Music-WOW (google it).