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The Great Ships - The Gunboats of Vietnam
Episode The Gunboats of Vietnam from the A&E/History Channel documentary The Great Ships. Among the many problems America faced in Vietnam was how to control the over 3,000 miles of rivers, canals and waterways the enemy used as vital supply and transportation links. The most important weapon in this battle was the gunboat: fiberglass-hulled, fast and maneuverable, they were perfect for patrolling the dangerous waters. The Great Ships tells the story of these unique weapons, from their origins as pleasure craft to their thousands of vital missions in the war. Relive the night-time penetration missions that were their specialty, and hear incredible stories from the men who served aboard them. Tour restored ships for an up-close look at their weapons and construction, and see footage of the boats in action during the war. Featuring a revealing interview with Admiral Jerome King, the commander of all naval forces in Vietnam, this is the definitive story of one of the few success stories from the only conflict America has ever lost.

The Battleships The Great Ships Collection 2 of 6
Carrying the largest, most destructive naval guns ever built and protected by massive steel armour, battleships were designed to be the ultimate expression of naval power. They were the embodiment of the cherished belief held by virtually every naval commander since the age of sail that the immense might of naval gunfire was the decisive element in combat at sea. Now you can relive the power of these ships, from the dreadnoughts of the First World War to the last use of a battleship in the Gulf War. See the greatest naval battles of the 20th century - Jutland, the Bismarck chase and Leyte Gulf - and experience the might of a battle fleet in action.

The Cruisers The Great Ships Collection 3 of 6
Built for speed, strength and the ability to scout far and wide, cruisers have played a key role in the world's navies for the past 200 years. From early missions as raiders savaging enemy merchant ships to sailing in support of the battle fleet, cruisers have shown an amazing versatility and longevity exceeding that of almost any other type of warship. BROADSIDE charts the history and development of this exciting line of fighting ships, from 18th-century frigates to today's cruisers with their deadly guided missile systems. Included is rare footage of WWI cruisers in action, as well as a dramatic account of the German cruiser Graf Spee and the epic battle of Savo Island.

Austal Looks at LCS Redesign for Frigate
Austal has an idea about redesigning its Littoral Combat Ship to fit what the Navy wants in a frigate.