ionfire vs MSD ignition

Transform your HEI distributor or any distributor based engine to a very high energy plasma ignition system, more powerful than a promag. The video shows older model plasma adapters which were inconvenient to install. The upgraded 4 channel plasma distributor brick with easy mounting screws and terminals is now available on ebay or for all applications fuel savings as well as high performance racing applications, classic cars, muscle cars, vintage engines and spark ignited cng engines. Watch the latest video here:

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Plasma Effect on Gasoline Vapour
I tested the effect of plasma ignition on gasoline vapour. Some talk abour H2 enrichment system when introduce plasma to gasoline vapour flow. We can see the effect explosion and implosion on it.

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MSD®Ignition Set On Full Kill - Spark Gap -
MAXPWR Voltage Converter Demo of the next Must have for any serious racer. MSD®Ignition 6600 HVC, MSD®Ignition 8250 coil. 12vdc vs 20vdc. Interested in a MaxPwr Voltage Converter checkout www.techwe

Blue Phoenix Plasma Ignition Test David Vizard 525 CI BBC 797HP 728ft/lbs
David Vizard suggested we test the Plasma Ignition System from Blue Phoenix. This test was performed as a back to back Dyno run on David's 525CI BBC that Terry had been tuning and optimizing on the Dyno for the last two weeks. The engine was putting out it's absolute maximum power, and even David couldn't find any more! The setup was: 87 Pump Gas David Vizard hand ported Trick Flow Heads AED 1250CFM Carb NGK non Resistive Plugs Crane Cam MSD Ignition and Distributor Moroso Pan The results surprised us, and I suspect they will surprise you! The Plasma system is simply switched in or out, and as the video shows it was able to add HP to this already optimized and maximized engine. We found another 9HP at the top end, and were able to gain max torque 200 rpms lower than without the Plasma. No other changes were made to the setup, just the flick of a switch. If you need that extra top end power, or maxium torque that bit sooner, this might just be the easiest bolt on power you buy...