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2007 Honda CRF450 Backyard MX Track

Having some fun in the backyard on our little mx track.


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Honda 2007 TRX450R Backyard MX Track
14yr old son riding the 450R around. It only took a lap or two to get comfortable on it.

Honda 400EX Backyard MX Track
Just cruising around our backyard track on a 2007 Honda 400EX. All stock with the baffle removed.

Honda CRF 450 Getting Huge Air!
A quick video of a buddy of mine taking some big jumps and getting big air!

Uroš Kawasaki 250 vs Dean Honda crf 450
Uroš Kawasaki 250 vs Dean Honda crf 450,dirkanje vse po prek.njive,cesta,voda...hahahaha. Krosari so zakon!!! Mada Faka.. :P

2007 HONDA CRF450

2007 CRF 450r, BIG GUN Exhaust
Bike has new full big gun Exhaust, coolant lines, renthnal sprockets, ims shift lever, One industries graphics, all black plastics, UNI air filter, Pro Taper bars,Works Connection skid plates and radiator guards, New Pro Taper Grips, D.I.D chain, and full race tech suspension.

Ricky Carmichael - crf 450 - practice
Ricky Carmichael aboard a Honda CRF450 as he returns to riding after his knee injury back in 2004.

Backyard motocross track private cr125
Riding in backyard

2010 Honda CRF450R Start Up and Walk Around
This is my 2010 Honda CRF450R. i had put a few parts on it, RFX Red gear lever, Red Renthal barpad, FX Honda grip donuts, SIK450's Reservior caps, Fuel hose breather, Suspension done at Terry Hays Shock Treatment cost me $1000, Green Fork bleeders, RK Gold o-ring chain and thats it really. hope yous like the video, i took it on 20/01/2011

Тест-драйв М1М
место проживания и Комментарии тут http://zenkevich.ru/ правообладатель http://www.utro-russia.ru/ производство ООО"ТВпро Медиа М1М - лёгкий дорожный мотоцикл производства Минского мотоциклетно-велосипедного завода. Строился, как одноместный. Выпускался с 1956 по 1961 год. Подписывайтесь на наш канал и получайте свежие новости, тест-драйвы и обзоры автомобилей из первых рук!

honda crf450 engine noise
Noise coming from engine. Just had new piton and rings and all new bearings replaced. Was making the exact same noise before replacment of parts. What could this be, is it normal. The mechanic said that that was normal for the 450, my buddy has the exact same bike 2002 crf450r. It doesn't have any engine noise.

Honda CRF 450r and 450x
2 of my friend on crf450r and crf450x

Motocross Test - 2007 Honda CRF450R
The 2007 Honda CRF450R was the winner of MotorcycleUSA.com's 450 4-Stroke Motocross Shootout. Watch the video and then visit www.motorcycle-usa.com to read the whole test.

Braham Backyard Motocross Track honda 450 kawasaki 250
Connor Braham built MX track #124 Ian Griffith Kawi 250f 08 #226 Connor Braham Honda 450 09

Honda CRF450R rebuild

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