Yamaha XJ 750 Seca, Sony Bloogie 22.8.10

Die Seca wurde zwischenzeitlich an einen Liebhaber verkauft

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My Yamaha XJ750 Seca 84 Model
Here is my bike, Yamaha XJ 750 Seca 84' . I First started it up in 2010 on March 9th, after a 5 months long winter break standing in the cold garage up in Norway.

XJ750 Maxim Sound
A few good rips through the gears, it was colder than all hell, filmed in 2007.

1981 yamaha seca 750
1981 Yamaha seca 750

XJ750 Seca part 2
More footage through St John's. This time I had moved the camera up the chest a little more and added some tape over the mic to cut down on wind noise. 11 Degrees outside (c), middle of July, hopefully it'll be a warm fall. Used windows movie maker