Pro street cars cruising the summer nationals with open exhaust

Dodge Charger, Ford Maverick, and Camaro cruising the 2011 New England summer nationals.

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1968 Dodge Charger - American Muscle Car (Pro Street)
Downtown Lowell, Saturday June 22nd, 2014

1992 Corvette Pro Street For Sale
“Money black” is the color of this 1992 Convertible Corvette Pro Street. Chassis just NHRA certified to 8.50. GM Stock body with rear wheel opening stretch for big tire. Removable hard top convertible. Aluminum tubs and rear pans. Factory front glass and power door windows and locks, flip up headlights, brake lights, turn signals. Full details visit:

'74 Dodge Charger VS '75 Ford Maverick 1/4mile drag race
Georg Noor's "Olds" 1974 Dodge Charger 340cid stroker (blueprinted engine) VS 1975 Ford Maverick 302cid quarter mile drag race JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM:

Pro Street cars leaving car show
2 pro street cars leaving a cruise in at The Stand in Fort Wayne IN