Las Vegas Car Stars Event and Knight Rider Festival Check out this video feature of a great event held in Las Vegas each year at the downtown Las Vegas Freemont Street Experience. The Las Vegas Car Stars and Knight Rider Festival celebrates the movie and TV automotive stars and many of the cast members and stunt crew show up to meet with the fans. Paul Casey Productions put on the event and the proceeds go to the Children's Miracle Network. Actor John Schneider (Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard), is one of the founders of the Children's Miracle Network and shows up to the event each year to sign autographs for the fans. Admission to the event is free to the general public so check their website for the next date!

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A Knight Rider Story
Brand new C Films project by myself and David. A little different than most of my videos, but we took some creative liberties with this one, including a ton of video and sound editing. Kind of a "first" attempt at a video like this. All music is from Composer Don Peake, and a quick production note.....the car in the video flying 20 feet through the air is the only "borrowed" shot in the entire video. The rest are of my Kitt car featured all over my Youtube channel. Hope you guys like this one. Peace all. :-)

STAR CARS- Knight Rider KITT 30th Anniversary (Ep. 9)
Athena scans 30 years of TV's Knight Rider, chats with KITT's designer Michael Scheffe, and takes a ride in these beautiful Trans Ams and Mustangs. Watch More Episodes: The Crave Star Cars Hub: STAR CARS: an award-winning web series profiling famous movie and TV vehicles and the owners who love them. We can't get enough of TV and movie car replicas! And if you can't either... FACEBOOK Star Cars: Host/Producer Athena Stamos: CraveOnline: TWITTER Host/Producer Athena Stamos: Producer Brad Hansen: CraveOnline Studios: CraveOnline: Special Thanks to Knight Rider Reunion:

Jeep Wrangler JKU Driveshaft Upgrade HOW TO - Tom Wood's and Hells Revenge Highlight This is the How To Install and Feature video on the Tom Wood's Custom Driveshafts that went under the Autoedit Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JKU. ***Don't forget to watch the end of the video for the code words to get a 10% Discount off of your order! Offer good for six months after this video is posted. It is a fairly straight forward installation and can be done in your driveway with a few specific tools you will see used in the video. While they can generally supply a good fitting drive shaft by application information only, the best fitment is usually obtained by providing a reference measurement for the length. This can easily be done with the stock drive shafts in place and should only take less than a minute’s time to do so. It's kind of like buying a suit... One off the rack may fit OK, but if a tailor made suit costs the same, why not get it tailor made? Second to that, every lift kit... let's say 3.5” in this case... does not necessarily net 3.5” of lift. This Jeep saw an actual lift of 4" after the install. In addition to that, there are stack tolerances as the vehicle goes down the assembly line. For example; if the engine, transmission and transfer case happen to mount ¼” forward of nominal and the rear differential mounts ¼” rearward of nominal, you have the potential of ½" difference in the length of the drive shaft. The Tom Wood's Custom Driveshafts kits for the JK are shipped complete with everything needed for installation (except effort and time). This includes all the nuts & bolts, thread locking compound and even the tool needed to grease the center pivot point on the CV assembly. They took the time to get the information needed to get me the right drive shaft for my particular tire diameter, differential gear ratio and intended use, as opposed to the “this one off the shelf will work” approach that many other manufacturers use. I opted for the polish & clear coat finish, for appearance. This added a $25.00/ per drive shaft but they really look amazing. It's a shame they get hidden after the install! I also selected the 1350 series U Joints for the added strength. The cost differential between the 1350 & the 1310 series is only $160.00 / per drive shaft and Tom himself mentioned... would I rather not risk breaking down, rather than breaking down with $160.00 in my pocket. I couldn't believe how fast they made and shipped these things. You order one day, and they ship the next. Check this out: They have a Gold Seal warranty. If you ever break the universal joint, they also cover the damage to the drive shaft. Of course too, if you happen to want different universal joints in the drive shaft, they can do that too, as they are an authorized warehouse distributor for both Spicer and Neapco. Thanks for watching!

KITT from Knight Rider drives on his own
This is my KITT from the TV show Knight Rider. I've fully automated this car. It has an A.I. system that talks back to you, KITT also understands voice commands and he learns from your conversations. In this video I'm demonstrating how KITT can move when I ask him to. The steering and braking systems are controlled by motors that KITT activates via his on-board computer. I do not want to test the steering in a residential area due to safety concerns. I'll post a video of KITT driving a route as soon as I can find the right area. For now I just have him back in and out of the garage, but the possibilities are endless. visit my blog at