Drag racing on a budget with a couple of mates

Just a few friends havin fun Drag racing on a runway at Guilford, Chris, 6.6 mk4 zephyr, Mick, 5.0 classsic capri, Darren 2.0 cosworth turbo mk1 capri and you do get to see Jason in the 2.0 pinto avenger

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1963 V8 ford zephyr 6 mk3 first run in 5 years

Mark of Distinction (Ford Zephyr & Zodiac MkIV) - 1965
The Mk IV Zephyr/Zodiac range in 1965 was launched with this film, which aimed to capture the mood of mid-sixties glamour and sophistication. The film shows renowned silversmith Stuart Devlin at work in his London studio, and draws comparison between his work and "the best of contemporary car design" as can be seen in the new Zephyr/Zodiac range. It was the last Ford to bear this name: its replacement 7 years later was named Granada.

Auto Mafia How To Build a Budget Drag Car (Part 2)
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13s for $1300 - Project Bluebird - Episode 10
The road so far... and what's coming up next. For those who haven't been following along, the whole idea was to build a cheap drag car - something that could run 13-second quarter mile times for under $1300. Well we've done that and there still more in the budget, so now we're going for 12s.