Grudge Wars Nov'11

Grudge Wars at Milan Dragway

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Grudge Wars Nov' 10
NO ET at Milan Dragway

2011 Unseen Clips Pt.1
grudge racing/ street racing

turbo gixxer 0-170mph
This is the follow-up video to my turbo gixxer preview.... nothing spectacular on this video really...except two 0-170mph runs :-) ....Aside from that, I'm just chillen and clowning my cousin on that georgeous zx14! Quick bike rundown: Built by me, turbo is a very small T25 @ has stock engine aside from lowered compression via a .064in head gasket and yosh stage I cams. Running on 93 octane pump gas with a 10.9:1 AFR.... Bike is geared 18/42 (taller than stock), extended ~4 inches, and lowered. The bike accelerates even harder than in the video... I was sitting straight up, because the camera was mounted where my head is usually at...LOL... This is a full blown STREET BIKE!, not a track bike... I don't run it at the track, so I don't have any times. I built it to be a street bike capable of beating pretty much anything I roll up on in the streets. If you have your doubts, pick a lane and lets get it in! Just know my rear tire pressure was at 25psi, I launched easy on purpose, and I have a Boost controller on the has,and will run more than 10psi ;-) Next season will bring a 10-12inch extended chromoly swingarm, better tune (AFR around 12.1 - 11.8), and HUB (running dual maps), larger injectors, a 2nd tune on E85 with ALOT of Boost, and possibly a larger turbo.

Fayetteville 3/21/09