Construção de caixa para subwoofer - Buid a subwoofer box (Sub Pioneer 309)

Construção de caixa para subwoofer "Buid a subwoofer box" (Subwoofer Pioneer 309 D4 400rms) CAIXA / BOX Specs: - MDF 18mm - Volume: 52L / 1.84ft³ - Frequência / Tuned to: 33Hz Mais detalhes do projeto em: ...

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"Das Tier" Lautsprecher-Selbstbau (Mivoc AWX-184) @ HB-HC
"Das Tier" ein Subwoofer-Selbstbau der Bremer Hardcore Crew. Haben uns hier mal an was neues probiert und zwei Subwoofer selber gebaut. Als Chassis kommt der 18" AWX-184 Tieftöner von Mivoc zum Einsatz. Mit den beiden Jungs sind wir dann zur Nature-One 2011 gefahren und haben ordentlich den Campingplatz wach gehalten, zusammen mit den beiden selbstgebauten Tops: Weitere Bilder vom Aufbau gibt's hier: Leistungsdetails, Bauanleitung und Testbericht vom Tier findet ihr hier: how=4 Both songs in this video are from "Evil Activities". First one is called "Broken" and the second "Nobody Said It Was Easy". (we do not claim any rights on these)

building a ported subwoofer enclosure
this is how a subwoofer enclosure is built, it is ported and is tuned to 35hz the subwoofers that i am installing are 2 re 8's that are dual voice coil and i am pushing 300watts at 4ohms. in my 01 eclipse gs here are the box dimensions: Re: twin 8 box measurements (in) front/back: 24x9 top/bottom:24x12 sides:12x9 port:8x1 ok so i also found the original piece measurements (this is the actual cutout measurements including port walls) 2: 24x12 2: 24x8 2: 11x8 2: 10x8 2: 8x5 box tuning: i calculated to around 32 hz inner box volume is 1.1713in (not including port walls) i couldn't be happier with the sound this setup produces the subs i used were REx 8 hope this helps my motovlog channel: music: I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor, Chris Zabriskie

JL 13 W7
Custom built box for Marlons Wife in ( Belize ) Box is Tuned to 32hz Thanks for Watching and for all the Support

6th Order Compound Loaded Isobaric Bandpass Box - 2 12" Woofers
See the build pics here: obaric-clamshell-bandpass/ Just some of the ideas i have going through my head for the Lexus install i am getting ready to start. This is a box i used to build back in the early 90's. It is a compound Isobaric (push/pull) 6th order bandpass. The woofers back then used to work good in a box like this. It has been a while since i even thought of something like this so i figured i would try. Since it needs to be built IN to the car, i need to do all of my experimenting outside of the car and see how it sounds. After hearing it, i know I need to do further testing and tuning before i decide to make it permanent. It's a fun box to build but i don't think it is going to work out. I will make my decision tomorrow but more then likely i will be going to "plan B". I figured you guys would like to at least see my attempt. If you ask me, this could be the actual definition of "woofer pr0n" :D They are gettin it on for sure! Join the forum today and be part of one of the BIGGEST car audio websites on earth! More to come! Facebook Page here: Follow: