Spork Racing team - Seat Leon SuperCopa - Francorchampions BTCS 2009

Front and rear onboard camera in a Seat Leon SuperCopa n° 45 in the Belgian Touring Car Series (BTCS), run by the Spork Racing Team. You can see the first ten minutes of the second race on sunday 12/04/09 at Spa-Francorchamps. http://www.jimmyadriaenssens.be http://www.spork-racing.be

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Supercar Challenge - Zandvoort Race 2 - @JimmyA3aenssens having issues and a blast !!!
@JimmyA3aenssens is racing his Seat Leon Supercopa Mk2 in the second Zandvoort race of the Supercar Challenge Easter racemeeting. First having a great start, then suffering fuel pressure issues and eventually performing an overtaking race to regain all the time lost in the pits, repairing his car. Last but not least, the race gets rainy and some good old front wheel driven drifting announces itself. Enjoy this (behind the scenes) race of the Spork Racing Team. Follow us: Facebook.com/JimmyA3aenssens Twitter.com/JimmyA3aenssens Youtube: Just subscribe !

12h spa BTCS Onboard Seat Supercopa
12h Spa BTCS Onboard Seat Supercopa

Seat Leon Supercopa Nürburgring 2009
Onboard Aufnahmen aus dem Seat Leon Supercopa Rennen am Nürburgring 2009 Startnummer 18 Tim Tews für Mobile Grafix by T.A.C. Race Solutions

Supercar Challenge - Zandvoort Race 1 - @JimmyA3aenssens fighting a Marcos
A short fragment out of SCC's race 1 at Zandvoort. @JimmyA3aenssens is racing his Seat Leon Supercopa Mk2, fighting a Marcos. Follow us: Facebook.com/JimmyA3aenssens Twitter.com/JimmyA3aenssens Youtube : Just subscribe!