George Fury Datsun 120Y Rally

found this on my computer so i thought it might be good to put up

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Datsun 120Y rally car
just a quick video i threw together as a tribute to Jason Flints 120Y rally car, footage is taken over 4 year window. featuring: Driver: Jason Flint Navigator: Chris Dowsett Head Mechanic: Paul Flint

Powercruise 17 2009 - Part 1
The boys FLI-20Y, DOG-355, TNT-265 and VZ SS at Powercruise 2009. This video includes Drags, Powerskids and Dyno from the event.

Bathurst 1984 - George Fury's Bluebird.
A 1.8 turbo Z18 nissan engine which is a SOHC 8 valve. Awesome car getting pole even with a hand grenade engine - great effort.

Classic Datsun Rally
For all you rally fans out there, enjoy some raw rally footage!