1969 Buick Skylark

1969 Buick Skylark

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1969 Buick Skylark
For Sale - 1969 buick Skylark, Classic Car For Sale by Owner! 818.430.4043

1969 Buick GS400 Cecil County
Couple test and tune runs at Cecil County Raceway October 14th 2006

Love this car.. Pulls strong and you can feel it !! Even up here in Colorado.. rated at 300hp and 400 ft lbs. Under rated it seems.. I use 2 gals of E85 per tank to rid it of detonation and advanced timing 2 degrees more.. It is a blast !! But.. On a Sour note.. I was just hit in the butt by a Teen yesterday.. Damage to bumper, Trunk lid, paint and Steering wheel is cracked. Bummer.. Kid was given tickets and had insurance. Bummer is... Denver Bumper is closed so the Rear bumper will have to be sent off to Salt Lake City for Triple Plated American Re Chroming.. Not sure how long this will take.. Anyway.. It can be fixed... Not so sure about my neck... Should have seen the VW Jetta that tagged me.. Wow !! Enjoy the ride..

JEFF REINOEHL'S 1969 TA Performance Buick 455 Skylark on PASS-TIME! 4-3-2012
Recorded (sorry about the upload audio issue) on my DVR is Jeff Reinoehl's 1969 Buick Skylark with a TA Performance Buick 463 cubic-inched V8! The car has 4-link suspension, ET Streets measuring 33/18/50. The 175-Shot of Nitrous rockets the INSANERACING.COM "Torque-Monster" Buick to an 8-second time in the 1/4-mile!!! BUICK BIG-BLOCK TORQUE RULES!!!