Team ss 89 Mazda Mx6 gt vs 90 Honda Accord

My new 89 mx6 gt turbo racing a 90 honda accord. both stock

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MX6 GT vs Corvette
You can see the MX6 build here: A near by shop owner dropped by with a VET and claimed it would beat my 6 so we ran down Vernon, me in front first and him not catching up then him in front and me catching up, he claims it's a 13's car, I don't think so.

mazda mx6lx vs 92 integra with a lot of bolt on.
I got called out by this integra for money, he stated had intake,4-1 header,catless Exhaust,light weight rims,b18c5 piston,cams etc.

1989 Mazda MX-6 GT Dyno
details of the car are in the video. high milage, only mods are ebay intake and open Exhaust. Boost sat nicely at 9psi.

cf_z mx6 LS vs Honda CRX turbo vs Mazda Rx8
This was the only cruise of the night, and I really wanted the run with the subaru up front (or something worth running in the first place), and was very unhappy that the CRX cut me off. Im not a big fan (or, not at all) of the crx anyways, and kinda wanted to prove a point. Dont worry about my pasenger, he is extremely stoned.