BMW 335is launch control

Just reached the Engine Break-in Period and going for my first launch control control test

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2013 BMW 335is - Launch Control Demo
1st Attempt Using Launch Control @ 2,927 (s)miles on the clock. Felt very little acceleration under 4K. Plenty above, though. ;-) Got one good launch in around 2.5K and paddle shifting. Still showed 0-60mph in 4.9 and 0-100mph in 10.5 Guess I need to take it to the drag strip next...

BMW 335is launch control
So much fun. M4 M4 M4 M4 E93 E93 E93 E92 E92 335is 335is

335is BMS dual cone intake sound
dat spool

Here's Why the BMW 335is Is the Best Sports Car You Can Buy for $25,000!
Hey guys so for today's video I wanted to talk about a vehicle which I think slips under the radar of great sports cars: the BMW 335is! This is a great car in my opinion and in the video I describe why I believe so. Thank you guys for all the support, it's so awesome hearing your guys's comments and feedback! Hope you guys enjoy and thanks for watching :) Song Used in Video: Follow Me on Instagram! - @OmarrSadat Thumbnail Taken from Reddit User - lly_modified/