BMW 335is launch control

Just reached the Engine Break-in Period and going for my first launch control control test

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335is BMS dual cone intake sound
dat spool

BMW 335is launch control
So much fun. M4 M4 M4 M4 E93 E93 E93 E92 E92 335is 335is

2013 BMW 335is - Launch Control Demo
1st Attempt Using Launch Control @ 2,927 (s)miles on the clock. Felt very little acceleration under 4K. Plenty above, though. ;-) Got one good launch in around 2.5K and paddle shifting. Still showed 0-60mph in 4.9 and 0-100mph in 10.5 Guess I need to take it to the drag strip next...

Launch Control on BMW 335is
This is a video showing you how to use launch control on a 335is with DCT. This is basically a three (3) step process. HOW TO LAUNCH A BMW 335i 1. Engage Sport (button) 2. Traction control off (single press) 3. Gear selector in M sport with M1 selected 4. Brake left foot 5. Accelerator pedal to the floor with right (passed the kick down switch) 6. Flag should appear 7. Release brake to launch.