Street Triple crashes in a tight corner

For licensing inquiries please contact 2008 Triumph Street Triple lowsides in a tight corner on Panoramic Highway. :( Skip to 2:15 for the crash, slow motion replays, and video of the damage. The Exhaust sound in the video is from the camera bike, not me. The bike and the tires were not at their traction limit. The road had to have been the major factor. I have leaned quite farther on this bike before. I was completely unhurt - not a scratch, no bruises, nothing was even sore. Wear your gear on rides like this. Looking at the slow motion video, you can see my handlebars turn (front tire loses traction) at the same time as the rear tire loses it. I did not touch the brakes at all. The damage to the bike: Bent handlebar at the clamp (fixed by loosening the bolts and re-tightening) Scratched clutch lever and bar end (non-issue really) Lost the turn signal switch Scratched mirror (it rotated on its mount, so it didn't break off, non-issue) Bad scratch on the engine case Shifter bent 90 degrees Rear plastic cracked The tank was untouched. I rode the bike home. The only thing I'm replacing is the shifter. As for my gear: tiny scratch on the jacket, boots and pants only scratched on the plastic sliders, and one glove was scratched on the carbon fiber knuckle. The helmet did not impact. My gopro was on the bike following me, so I don't have on-board footage. This was my first crash after 2 years of riding.

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Snail's pace fall at a petrol station - I had the steering on full lock and hit the back brake...there was only going to be one outcome. Thankfully there was a group of bikers there to help me heave it back the right way up! (This happened back in November 2015)

My Triumph Street Triple R Crash
GB Racing frame sliders saved the entire bike, only some scratches left on the Exhaust, which I have since sanded out. Looks good as new!

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Girl drops her brand new Triumph Street Triple R
Frame sliders did their job. The carbon akrapovic Exhaust took the brunt of it with a small scuff. Frame slider had some small scratches. Really small scuff on plastic. Not bad at all. It's hard to see with the fisheye effect but the road is pretty heavily banked. Bad spot to turnaround for a novice. We're in the mountains near Estes Park. I get off on the right side of the bike because I couldn't get my kickstand down all the way without leaning the bike to the right. Even with the kickstand down the bike was ready to tip over, hence the hesitation.