Golf 1 VR6 Turbo.

VWolkswagen made in Germany

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Audi R8 vs Golf 1 VR6 Turbo
Audi R8 vs Golf 1 VR6 turbo

Golf 1 VR6 turbo GT4202R/ 1,3 bar/ 1
Erste Testfahrt mit wenig Ladedruck und defekten Drehzahlmesser ! First test drive with a little Boost and broken speedometer!

Surfing Wave Pool Dubai
Dean Gough, Leon Bennett & Luke Cunningham were lucky enough to try out a new wave pool built recently in Dubai... Tune by MT Eden Dubstep: Sierra Leone

Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit Mk1 ''GTI'' 0-100 Km/h
Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit Mk1 doing 0 - 100 Km/h 2 runs @ Autobahn - 1.8 2h Original 98 ps If you want more, please post a comment