Mazdaspeed 6 Doughnuts - NOT in snow

Me just having some fun with my car , trying to get rid of the old tires :)

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Mazdaspeed 3 Tribute
I went through a lot with this car. I even lied and got called out on it about the South Mountain incident. Through it all thought, it was a fun little car. Here's a compilation of videos that I took and pictures that were taken. It doesn't really go in order, so don't mind that. Except for the events, driving, south mountain, wrecked on Christmas day. Some girl ran a stop sign, hit me, sent me into a brick wall.

305 HO Malibu Races Dodge Neon SRT4, and MazdaSpeed 6
late 70s Malibu with 305 HO vs SRT4 and MS6. Srt4 is stage 1.5 and takes the malibu. MS6 launches on the malibu, but gets caught up. :)

MazdaSpeed6 Donut Burnout! Mazda MS6
Zuleyka (The MazdaSpeed6) with BNR Stage 3 turbo on safe tune from Cobb with Ron, owner of red MS6, in my other videos driving. Traction Control was on first attempt!

mazdaspeed 6 donut fail
first time trying could not get it right all-wheel drive is killin it! any advice?