Mazdaspeed 6 Doughnuts - NOT in snow

Me just having some fun with my car , trying to get rid of the old tires :)

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Mazdaspeed 3 Tribute
I went through a lot with this car. I even lied and got called out on it about the South Mountain incident. Through it all thought, it was a fun little car. Here's a compilation of videos that I took and pictures that were taken. It doesn't really go in order, so don't mind that. Except for the events, driving, south mountain, wrecked on Christmas day. Some girl ran a stop sign, hit me, sent me into a brick wall.

MazdaSpeed6 Donut Burnout! Mazda MS6
Zuleyka (The MazdaSpeed6) with BNR Stage 3 turbo on safe tune from Cobb with Ron, owner of red MS6, in my other videos driving. Traction Control was on first attempt!

playin in the snow with my 2007 mazdaspeed6 and fr

MAZDASPEED: A Day In the Life.
Video put together by Gavin Finch last spring of my car. Events included ICC, kc2k14, and kc trends fast fridays. I DO NOT OWN NOR HAVE THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC USED WITHIN THIS VIDEO, IT IS FOR NON-PROFIT USE ONLY.