BRM V16 Engine Sound

The awesome engine sound from the BRM V16. A formula one car that was used in the 50s

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🇬🇧 Great Sounding 1950s BRM 1.5 L 600hp V16 Engine.
Amazing how a 1.5 L engine can sound so good.

Screaming BRM V16 at Festival of Speed 2014
Official Website: http://grrc.goodwood.coM SUBSCRIBE for more great Goodwood Road & Racing videos here - Have you heard the screaming BRM V16? The BRM V16 of 1950 was far ahead of its time, producing over 700bhp from its 1500cc engine. The downsides of its advanced tech were relaibility issues and rather abrupt power delivery. At 7250rpm, it has about 300bhp, before all hell -- and over 700bhp -- breaks loose at 7500rpm. Sir Stirling Moss reckons it's one of the most dangerous cars he's driven. Official Website: Facebook: Twitter: G+:

Supermarine Spitfire AWESOME SOUND !!!
Die Französische ,Griffon motorisierte, Spitfire MK19 beim Schauflug über der Hahnweide !

10 Best Sounding 16-Cylinder Engines
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