JDM B16A Engine Swap - Wire Tuck

EG6 Full Wire Tucked... JDM B16A Swap...

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本田思域 Igravis's Honda Civic EG6 hatch wire tuck engine bay graffiti
Igravis's Honda Civic EG6 swap B16A1 N/A tuned 230hp from Bordeaux, France. Wire tuck by Igravis and graffiti by me. Posca/On the Run markers.

[ENG CC] Spoon Civic EG6 B18C vs. Civic Type R EK9 B16B in Ebisu 1998
miroshi's Integra Type R #1920 homepage: http://itr1920.blogspot.com/ A race between Spoon EG6 1.8 B18C (Keiichi Tsuchiya) and normal Civic Type R EK9 1.6 B16B (Takuya Kurosawa) at Ebisu 1998.

dR: stuff you might need for a b16 swap
some things i needed for a jdm b16 swap into a 96 civic ex rear mount radiator hoses power steering a/c (optional) recommended upgrades while engine is out: clutch flywheel timing belt anything else you wanna add that inside or on the engine trust me its way easier to change outside!

HOT-FACTORY civic wire tuck ワイヤータック 配線
wire tuckしてますが前回同様エアコン・ABSは残していま 。 ショーカー専用ならとことん隠してもいいのですが実践 で使うのでそこは妥協できません。コンパクトは快適か つルックスも重要ですよね=☆