Fiat Coupe 20vt Vs. Mercedes Benz E55 AMG

1998 Fiat Coupe 20vt (My Car) - Built Engine - GT2871R turbo - Other Supporting Mods - Boost: 1.37bar - Dynoed @ 346hp Vs. 2005 Mercedes Benz E55 AMG - Brabus Catback - Dynoed @ 480hp Both cars were Dynoed on the same Dyno on the same day Rolling: 60km/h to 260km/h (E55 AMG hit the limiter) Race is in Doha, Qatar

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Fiat Coupe 2,0 20VT , moded to 2,4l Stroker Kit in Short block, GT2871R Turbo
Mods list Engine: Crankshaft, Rods and Pistons CR 8,5:1 Ported Head turbocharger GT2871R Intercooler Kit Hp approx 450hp Injection: KMS Programmable Wideband ECU Apexi AVCR Boostcontroler EGT 440ccm Injectors Walbro 255lph Clutch: 5 Paddle Sintermetall Clutch Exhaust: Full 3" Downpipe and 2,75" Exhaust with 100cpi cat This was the car 2 years ago now he car has more power GT3082R with custom turbomanifold and 4x4 drive double disc clutch and Steelflywheel. On rolling road test Auf dem Leistungsprüfstand Kontakt Salvatore Cufaro, Racing Parts Inhaber: Dipl. Ing (FH) Salvatore Cufaro Theodorstrasse 68 66386 St.Ingbert Deutschland Tel.: 0178-2040699 E-Mail: