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Lego Technic Dump Truck 10x4 FULL REMOTE CONTROL

Mein Neuer Lego LKW nach vorbild von Designer Han aus den Niederlanden. In meiner Version etwas Modifiziert. Ausgestattet mit 1x XL und 3 M Motoren, 2x RC Empfänger und einer Accubox. Ein Doppel Kompressor sorgt für die Luftversorgung des LKW und dem Externem anschluß für meinen Dreiachs Dreiseitenkipper. Mit wenigen Handgriffen kann der Antrieb für Fahren und Lenkung getrennt werden um ihn auch ohne Batterie zu Bespielen. Auch eine Manuelle Pumpe wurde Installiert.


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Lego MAN truck with Trailer
MAN truck build with lego here you can see it with the new trailer For questions or more details:benklink@gmx.de Brickshelf:benji712

Dump Truck 10x4 in Technic Lego (HD video)
MOC of Dump Truck 10x4 (in HD video)

Vahva Jussi 400 earth bucket and trailer 1500 in Sigulda National park
Road building in Sigulda National park for bike roads, running tracks and walking courses. Honda ATV with stable back axle is perfect for the job and the Trailer 1500 with tiping box and individual hydraulics handles the sand distribution perfectly. When we have some steeper sloapes and fun videos we will keep you up to date. www.kreisi.ee https://www.facebook.com/VahvaJussiForestCranes

camion + remorque des demenageur de l extreme style goldhofer 22 roue motoriser et articuler par telecomande infra rouge

LEGO Technic Dump Truck
Includes 4 M motors and 1 XL motor, 2 PF lights.

Extreme Trucking - Big Trucks in the world
Please Click to Subscribe to Our Channel: http://goo.gl/F1BcSX All sorts of extreme trucking and transportation around the world! Big Trucks in the Canadian West biggest truck in the world Big Trucks in the alaska Very Long Road Train


Lego Tieflader im detail
Hier mein Tieflader im detail... My Lowloader in the detail... (Dies habe ich nicht vollständig selbst konstruiert.) (This not fully invented by myself.)

Technic Lego Truck with Lowloader
Detachable gooseneck lowloader with 8x4 truck, remote controlled with Power Functions

Volvo NL12 with conveyor belt trailer built of LEGO scale 1:13
Video of my latest MOC; the Volvo NL12 with conveyor belt trailer. It carries about 18 kg of beans and unload itself within ten minutes. Thank to the massive torque of the two connected 9V RC motors the trailer is able to unload the beans (actually potatoes) quite properly. Read the whole story on my website: www.dennisbosman.nl

lego technic XXXL crane 8421
Lego Technic XXXL crane made with 2 (8421) models.

Technic Lego Artic Hauler 6x6
Technic Lego Artic Hauler 6x6

Lego Technic 8043 Abbruch- und Sortiergreifer Bauanleitung als Diashow
Der Abbruch- und Sortiergreifer ist eins von 4 Werkzeugen für mein 8043 Ultimate Mod. Diese Diashow zeigt den zusammenbau des Abbruch- und Sortiergreifer und die benötigten Teile. Videos von den 3 anderen Werkzeugen, Zweischalengreifer, Schwenkbarer Grabenlöffel und Betonbeiser sind unter meiner Playlist einzusehen. MFG Christian

Obstacle Course, Hill Climb, and Coal Chute! - Top Truck Challenge 2013
Purchase the Top Truck Challenge DVD here! http://www.4wheelparts.com/search.aspx?kw=top+truck+challenge+dvd The Obstacle Course begins with a shockingly tall and long slippery hill descent known as the "first hill" and it ends with a nasty dogleg gully that's tantalizingly close to the finish line. In between is a treasure trove of terror. The "lower section" forces competitors to navigate a 360-degree turn through three deep water holes and sand. From there, competitors travel up a hill to the "upper section" that includes a deceiving off-camber U-turn (known as "U-turn Hill"), two deep water holes, and numerous tight turns. This event has a 10-minute time limit, but speed is the enemy. This is because the course is marked with numerous cones and each one hit adds 20 seconds to the overall time. If all four tires of a rig travel outside a cone the rig is disqualified at that point. Safety violations net a whopping two-minute penalty. Clearly, accuracy is the key to success in the Obstacle Course. Think back to those hillclimbs you've done in your 4x4. Yeah, the TTC Hill Climb isn't like that. The Hill Climb is built specifically for TTC, it's approximately 600 feet in length and it has an average angle of approximately 60 degrees. It twists and turns as it winds through the poison oak and it's peppered with strategically-placed deep holes and dirt hills. Yes, we added hills to our Hill Climb. The Hill Climb is loose, steep, and unpredictable. Naturally, we don't let drivers see it before they run it because that would ruin the surprise. The Hill Climb rewards those who can think on-the-fly and punishes those who are thinking about the next event. We allowed each competitor 5 minutes to tackle the hill and during that time they could stop, reverse, or winch. If a competitor exceeded the time limit, traveled out of bounds, or violated a safety rule they were disqualified at that point. The Mini Rubicon, a staple of Top Truck for years, was a brutal event that forced competitors to fight for every inch of forward progress. It was tough and unforgiving. We wanted something tougher. So, for 2013 we replaced the Mini Rubicon with the awe-inspiring Coal Chute. This event uses a newly developed area (Rock Rash Ridge) at the Hollister Hills SVRA that contains an amazing collection of man-made obstacles. Naturally, we tweaked it to make it exclusive to Top Truck. Our mind-bending course was approximately 525 feet in length, and included steep walls in excess of 7 feet tall and jumbles of rocks and cement tubes. We even brought in a water truck and created a waterfall on the final cement climb. The course was broken into four distinct sections. We threw competitors a curve ball and allowed them to skip one of the two first sections. However, we penalized each competitor 10 minutes if they bypassed the first section and 6 minutes if they bypassed the second section. Strategy was a major player at this event. There was a 20-minute time limit and safety violations netted a two-minute penalty. If two of the vehicles tires traveled outside of the cones the competitor was disqualified at that point. Catch the entire week of Top Truck Challenge 2013 on the Motor Trend Channel October 7th through October 11th with a new video premiering each day! Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=motortrend Facebook - http://facebook.com/motortrendmag & https://www.facebook.com/fourwheelermag Twitter - http://twitter.com/motortrend & https://twitter.com/fwmag Google+ - https://plus.google.com/1018679678590... Website - http://www.motortrend.com & http://www.fourwheeler.com/four-wheeler-magazine/

Lego Scania Offroad 8x8 Extreme Tow Truck
*** building instructions available*** http://JaapTechnic.Blogspot.com Scania 8x8 with recovery unit for recovery other trucks driving 2 XL steering M and recovery unit 6 motors full PF more info: http://JaapTechnic.Blogspot.com

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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