Rear view camera RNS 510 on Golf V Part 2

Part 2.Video demonstration of the operation of the rear view camera with RNS 510, both fitted by Vag-Navisystems.See more in Parte 2.Video de demostración del funcionamiento de la camara de visión trasera con RNS 510,ambos equipos instalados por Vag-Navisystems.Vea mas en

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2008 Volkswagen GTI Radio Removal
To buy the tools:

How to install Reverse Camera
This video is about Reverse Camera installation process. Just shows the basic how to run the wires, where to plug what in.

How to DIY install or swap the RNS315 or RNS510 GPS with your RCD510 radio
See and for more information on the RNS510 and RNS315. If you retrofit the GPS you must also disconnect and code out the compass module or else the car will get 2 signals. See for that procedure.

DIY Removal of an RCD510 from VW Golf MK5
a short video to show how easy it is to remove a RCD510 from a 2005 Volkswagen Golf MK5. i installed a Parrot Bluetooth kit and decided to do a video, as a lot of people ask how to remove these radios. as you can see from the video, it takes less than 5 minutes. i have had mine out numerous times. the first time you do yours, it might take you 30 minutes (if you go really slow, and take your time) no matter the radio, the removal process is the same for all of the VW radios from the RCD300 right up to the RNS510. re installation is as simple as reversing the steps in the video. i did not video the Bluetooth install, as the kit was plug'n'play, and there are other videos on youtube that show how that's done. there are no videos (to my knowledge) that show how to actually remove the head unit.