REAL DEAL '64 Chevy Impala 1/25 Lowrider RC Finally it's here a short video clip of Real Deal '64. It's a 1/24 scale '64 Chevy Impala lowrider model car created by Jevries and Scale Lows. This ride bridges the gap between static modelling and working lowrider model cars. It got all the details like chromed engine, chromed suspension, pumps in the trunk and a four corner working "hydraulic" setup that makes the car do all the moves by force of radio control. For more info and a high res video check: For model car parts check Enjoy the vid!

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Jevries BeSwitched ' 67 Unboxing and Review
BeSwitched 67' is a custom lowrider model car created by Jevries. I was fortunate enough to become the new owner of this vehicle through an auction hosted by Jevries. Jevries work is incredible, custom hydraulic build with so much detail, it looks, operates, and feels like operating a real lowrider. UPDATE: He does NOT take pre-orders, but auctions his work every now and then (please excuse the reference in the video to taking pre-orders, as he did that for a short period of time.) I hope you enjoy this unboxing and review I made, and feel free to comment and share. Thanks everyone! RC Lowriders built by Jevries Music Produced by Artist: Move Merchants Fan Short (Separate Video link below) 449215470/?type=2&theater Fan Short shot on film equipment by Spirit Juice Studios Spirit Juice Studios Equipment Used for Unboxing: Sony EX1 Jevries RC Lowrider Zippy 2200 2S 7.4V Lipo Batteries iMAX B6AC v2 Charger/Discharger FCP7 Macbook Pro

Cadillac lowrider model car A Arm Hopper

Scale lowrider Nissan hardbody RC beddancer w.i.p.
My latest work in progress project: Next Level. Full function RC 1/20 scale Nissan Hard body beddancer. Features simulated hydraulic suspension, miniature high bass sound system and 4 stage Z-rack beddancing setup. ** ** ** **

63' Impala lowrider model car 'Boyz N The Hood'