Lebaron 2.2L Turbo Part 1

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1973 Imperial LeBaron by Chrysler, First Snow Jan 2017
Video 'run-bys' photographed by Luiz Maia of the 1973 Imperial LeBaron by Chrysler. These were shot January 28 & 29th of 2017. No voice overs, no music added, just "straight" video of the car in action. Shot on location in Grafton, West Virginia, Cumberland, Maryland & Meyersdale, Pennsylvania.

88 Lebaron TURBO** fully built
turbo rare 5 speed turbosmart bov

Lebaron 1994 2.5 turbo a 177 km/h

1989 turbocharged chrysler lebaron 2.2 back to life--GOTSPL--
its the phantom. Been down for 11 months and its back ---Runs 14-15psi fwd i snapped in the middle of racing the front bracebar that attaches to the trans mount with the engine torge.it was originally welded so we drilled 6-3/4" bolts through the frame and it holds. then shortly afterwards the steering collum snapped in half while racing so it took us 11 months to figure out how to replace it with another model lebaron which doesnt come with blinkers or the right harness on the collum.When we cut off the other harness it effected the brake lights so were trying to fix it.