2006 Saturn Vue AWD Vtec

*Vtec saturn Vues were made from 2004-2007 look for L66 in wikipedia. It's the engine name giving by GM, wich is actual the J35A3 from honda

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Saturn Vue Off Road
Really crappy video of me off roading in my 2005 saturn Vue AWD. Nitto All terrain tires.

2005 Saturn VUE Redline AWD Highway Entrance to 112MPH
Turned on to highway from a stoplight, as soon as I got the wheel straight, I punched it....You can hear the VTEC around 4300RPM...I love this thing...Cant wait to get my intake....

Remove Rear Hub Bearing, Any Car.(Как Снять Подшипник Ступицы)
Rear Hub Bearing replacement Saturn Vue FWD 2004, using slide hammer. Как Снять Подшипник ступицы с Помощю Скользящего Молотка. My other videos: Easy Hardwood floor installation using Manual Nailer http://youtu.be/rlxkdtiNI-s Hardwood Bathroom Transition http://youtu.be/Y4IZz_HcR6o How To Make Storage Shelf in Basement http://youtu.be/z1d0c4epfe0 New Ridgid Table Saw -Review http://youtu.be/QiXCPjQa2-E My Miniature Pinscher Puppy http://youtu.be/3FjUjF9THSY

2004 Saturn Vue Redline AWD V6 Offroad
Offroading in a Saturn. Now available in 3d