Lego Crazy mini golf tour

Noob player play golf.

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Mini golf in Lego City
A little movie about two lego men on a mini golf field.

LEGO Mini Golf
lego mini golf. A heated match of mini golf co builder Lucas Curtius

lego trouble on tracks
lego game on the lego

Leisure #3: Tennis
The third leisure (episode) of my series... You liked it? Here are some more classy Brickfilms from my channel! - PREDATOR in 59 seconds - - The Good Old Days - - Outlook Of A Myopic - Technical Specs: -Camera: Panasonic-GS320 -Framerate: 15 FPS -Special Effects softwares: VisionLab Studio, After Effects CS4 and Blender -Editing softwares: Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus and Bafran Sound Design by Loïc F-B. Some sound effects were provided by