1969 Camaro LS1 Z-28

My 1969 Camaro Z-28 with a LS1 engine built by Bill Jelinek at Route 66 Motorsports in New Lenox IL www.rt66motorsports.com or call Bill at 815 462 0090

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1988 Chevrolet Camaro Iroc-Z LS1/T56 H/C/I
1988 Iroc-Z LS1/T-56 Swap, I'm gauging interest on possibly selling it. I have it listed here. The tune needs to be gone through so it will idle right off a cold start.

1969 Camaro LS1 Road Test (SOLD)
This 69 Camaro recently has been transplanted with a 1999 Corvette Computer Controlled Fuel Injected LS1 engine and a four speed overdrive automatic 4L60E transmission. This is the best running 69 Camaro Ive owned and I've had more than 6 in my life. The car behaves like a modern car... starts on first turn in cold weather, has great gas mileage, more power through the entire rev cycle, never overheats, no changes in performance due to altitude. I read once,"it is like having a mechanic under the hood constantly tuning your car for the current conditions". Of course most of you already have modern cars controlled by computers and take these conveniences for granted as did I until I bought my first classic car. Since I started riving in the 70's, it all started coming back to me when I drove my first 60's car in 30 years. I like this setup so much that I recreated it in my favorite 69 Camaro Convertible. This is the reason I'm selling the car. It gets over 20mpg and can go 0-60 as fast as a Vette. The LS1 transplant alone was over $17,000 including all the changes. The receipt is available for inspection. Swap Details: The complete professional conversion was performed by the award winning Car And Truck Pro out of Auburn, California. The rear end is a 10 bolt with highway gears. The Corvette LS1 is controlled through the stock Delco computer which has been reprogrammed by Car and Truck Pro. The engine has Corvette headers leading to dual Flomaster Exhaust. The gas tank is new and has an electronic fuel pump. The tires have approximately 5,000 miles on them. The previous owner recently replaced all four shocks. The Booster Master assembly was recently replaced and the rear drums were re-surfaced. The front brakes are disc brakes and the brake pads have recently been replaced. The car has a professionally installed CD player and speakers (including components in the front and 6x9's in the back). New spark plugs and spark plug wires. New water pump. New oil pan. New cross member. New motor mounts. New battery. New electronic cooling fan. New heater core. New wiring harness. New four speed overdrive automatic shifter. Replaced steering rag joint. The paint is pearl white with orange racing stripes. The alarm was professionally installed with keyless entry and has a hood sensor. You will recognize the value of this classic car the moment you see it, drive it and watch the countless looks and her the compliments everywhere you go. This wise investment is one that will continue to increase in value every year

1969 Camaro LS1 Test Drive!
$58,990.00 - Call Jeff Whitaker 410-562-9319

1969/2002 Camaro
A 1969 Camaro that is built on a 2002 Camaro Chassis...Very cool Conversion..shot at The Grand Rod Run 2012...ck it out!!