1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse starter reinstall and testing

The starter was removed and tested OK. I'll drive the vehicle to see if any other hard-starts are experienced. Will also check the service history; if the fuel filter has never been replaced a new one will be installed.

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My DSM (Starter replacement) Ep. 10
It has been a while since I've uploaded something... no repairs were needed since my last video until now, here's a quick video I did while changing out my starter, for those that have never done it. Thanks for watching :)

Mitsibishi Starter Diag. And Install
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How To Test Your Car Starter
In this video, you will learn how to test your starter real simple before taking your starter to the auto parts. you will learn all three steps: Solenoid, Motor and Overide Clutch testing. the goal of this video is for you to understand the function of the different elements that make up the starter and to help you diagnose starting problems with a more accurate approach. video done by Jesus Cabrera of Chabot College MCOM 61.

Mitsubishi starter.MTS
This is my old and tired Mitsubishi starter on my 97 Ford Powerstroke F350. This is at least the second Mitsu starter I have had with this truck in something like five years. It was a placeholder while I replaced my Chinese Denso "style" knock-off that failed before a year was out. The next video will be the true Japanese Denso.