1973 Capri 2600 Startup

1973 Capri 2600 2.6l V6 4-Speed

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1973 Capri for Dad
Helping a daughter fix her widowed dad's high school car.

Ford Capri Documentary - The Car is the Star Part 1
The Car's the Star presented by Quentin Wilson. This documentary is in two parts and is all about the Ford Capri. I've had eight Capris, so this is just up my street, I hope it is yours - enjoy! This is part 1

Ford/Mercury Capri V6
This is a 1974 Ford/Mercury Capri made in Germany. It was shipped over to the US when Purchased.

Ford Capri 2.6 V6 XLR 1972
This is our Ford Capri 72 after reform. Sorry about the video quality. That was filmed on my cellphone camera.