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Temperature Gauge Stage6 Orange Line

Temperature Gauge Stage6 White Line and Orange Line orange


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Team Fouleck 33 ! pti tuto branchement stage 6 rt

Yamaha Aerox S6 Streetrace 70cc
-Stage6 Streetrace 70ccm! -Stage 6 Wingcooler Team -Stage6 SKF C4 -Polini For Race 3 -Dell'orto Metrakit 19mm -Stage6 Racing Torque Control -Metrakit SP Series -Hebo CP -Polini Kevlar - Polini Air Speed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdiJ4PO-nAE&feature=plcp

Light Orange Aerox Story 2012 13
Schaut es in HD , Setup unten (!) Setup: S6R MK1 Motofo Evo Welle (85mm Pleul) MHR MMB MHR Oversize Vario MHR ASS S6 Torque Controll S6 Glocke S6 Keilriemen Arreche 19 mm Vergaser Polini Evo 2 Auspuff Und weiteres.. Songs: 1.) Lindsey Stirling Violin Dubstep 2.) Mac Miller - Donald Trump

Stage6 RPM meter & FIX tip
In order for the RPM meter to work as it should on DiTech you need to put a resistor with 10 kOhm in serial connection with negative wire of the Air Injector or the Fuel Injector, it can be done near the Injectors or near the ECU it doesn't matter, also the negative wire of the Air Injector has White-Red color. Here is the result http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJTZ28ts5xw&feature=relmfu

koso - Water Temperature Monitor

Zip Teil 2 *update*
SETUP: 70ccm Stage6 Racing Stage6 Rennluftfilter MHR Racingkurbelwelle Hebo Racing Kupplung Polini SpeedControl Stage6 Riemenscheibe Polini Evolution 21mm Dellorto rote Gegendruckfeder Optik: STR8 Downhilllenker STR8 Downhilllenkeraufnahme Stage6 Pro Drehzahl- Temperaturmesser SSP Höherlegungssatz

Koso DB-01R & Stage 6 temperature display


Aerox goes 70ccm Stage 6 Racing / Edboy Projekt, Malossi E13 Luftfilter Sound Stage 6 R/T High End
Servus Leute, habe meinen Stage 6 Double Layer gegen den Malossi E13 Luftfilter gewechselt, da dieser ins gesamt Bild besser passt. Der Sound ist auch nicht gerade mies:D. PLS Support Herbo Tuning on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Herbo-Tuning/343779635662344

Auto Meter Mechanical Temp Gauge Installation
Looking to install a traditional mechanical temp gauge on your vehicle? This video details a typical installation into an intake manifold and some of the common mistakes we hear about on the Auto Meter techline,

Digital speedometer, tachometer & engine temperature display
This project is so complex :) http://www.instructables.com/id/Digital-multimeter-for-your-car/ http://historyneverdies.blogspot.com/2010/12/digital-multimeter-for-your-ca r.html 1- LED tachometer (right one) 2- LED speedometer (left one) 3- Digital (seven segment) display for Speed, RPM & engine temerature. I'm switching between the 3 inputs using one of the car's original switches.

KOSO Slim-type Voltmeter
Product Features: Compact, easy-to-read LCD display Displays voltage within 8-18V range with a resolution of 0.1V Visual low voltage warning Measures 27mm (1.06in.) H x 56.4mm (2.22in.) W x 11mm (.43in.) D My reviews: This voltmeter is a bit pricy, but works well... It's waterproof / rainproof and has a min and max voltage warning (flashing) feature. The two things I don't like about it are the small (30 gauge wire?) wiring and the proposed mounting kit (3M velcro strips). Would it of hurt to actually offer a way to mount this display with screws? I mounted this display on my Suzuki Hayate, and within a day in the sun, the 3M velcro strip adhesive let loose.

Stage 6 speedometer and a little wroom wroom.
I've now installed the rpm, speed and temperature sensor on my Stage 6 speedometer. Revving a little for your pleasure. ;)

3in1 LED digital thermometer/voltmeter/clock installed on motorcycle
Digital thermometer/voltmeter/clock on my motorcycle, Suzuki Bandit 1250SA.

compte tours stage6 sur dinli 450 superquader
pose du compte tours est indicateur de température

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