SPECDTUNING is proudly recognized as pioneers in the automotive industry for products and service. Our main goal is to provide the highest quality products at the lowest prices imaginable. The SPECDTUNING warehouse is the largest in Southern California carrying an array of aftermarket products. With a wide range listing from: Projector Headlights, L.E.D. Tail Lights, Third Brake Lights, Bumper Lights, Corner Lights, Front Grills, Bumper Lips, down to Headers. These are just a few items mentioned from the selection available. Furthermore, all the products are updated constantly keeping SPECDTUNING ahead in the industry for all makes and models of vehicles. Always prepared to serve every guest; please visit us at SpecDtuning.com for more info or call 909-839-2533 to start a wholesale account today or visit us at www.specdtuning.com. Staff at SpecDtuning are here and ready to help.

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23475 Spider S25 LED Light
Spider S25 LED Light, product code: 23475. 31 forward firing and 10 back firing LEDs, and only uses .31 mA @ 13.8 VDC. Powered by a 12 volt DC system. Bases that this LED comes in are 1156 and 1157 base types. Available colors are super white, red and yellow. Designed to be durable, shock and vibration proof with an instant on/off reaction. Has monochromatic (pure) color, low heat generation and is virtually unbreakable. Unit can fit in a hole 1inch in diameter with its moveable arms and also opens up for an evenly dispersed light.

Custom Z Tail Lights
Could have taken a week to delicately create these taillights but had to make the shoot happen in one evening! Ask questions in the comments! I will answer as many as I can that were NOT answered in the video! Like? Share to drifty buddies? Sub? Get mad and dislike? Thanks! Instagram: @PNWGarage (For More Pics of the Tail Lights!) @AndrewShaPhoto (Thank You for coming out to film!!) - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PNWGarage - Music: (All Credit To The Creators) Krys Talk & Cole Sipe - Way Back Home NCS Release Arc North X DJ Rival - Short Story (Daylight pt.2)

Dodge charger spider led light + switchback
Dodge charger with spider rear led lights and switchback turn signals. Hid's are 6k halo brand

Super Bright "Plasma" LED 1157 Taillight Bulbs - Comparison Video
These [awesome] bulbs are a direct replacement for any standard 1157 bulb, in any application with red taillights. We sell them in multiple quantities (two, six, and 20) and also carry yellow and white versions for marker lamps and back-up lights. Check them out here: http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/store/Search.aspx?searchTerms=12222%2c+1 0036%2c+10033%2c+10043%2c+12175%2c+10006&submit=true&type=OR&catID=4355 We just got these new "Plasma" LED light bulbs, and wow, we are impressed. They are the brightest 1157 replacement bulbs we've seen by far, and installation is as simple as it would be with regular bulbs. In this video, we line up three 1967-68 Mercury Cougars to compare the new "Plasma" LED bulbs to the older tower-style LED's, and of course the original-equipment 1157 incandescent bulbs. The results are pretty obvious.