Son scares his dad with his 600hp car


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7 peoples reactions to a 1000hp Supra
Incase you think it doesnt make the power or the "driver doesnt know how to shift" Some reactions are better than others but they are legitimate and not set up reactions to a 1000hp Supra messing around. Not all runs were at 1000hp but it was still more than enough. Subscribe for more reaction videos and other fast Supra videos.

Dad's first ride in my 530 hp MR2
Notice how he was smiling after he figured out he didn't die due to sudden acceleration... By the way, my dad was hand holding my iPhone while it was recording the entire time!

Unprepared For Test Drive
Watch this twice, once by looking at the terrified passenger, and once at the driver. Test driving a Jaguar XKR may be old hat for the driver but the passenger was not quite as ready. Big show coming to YouTube: Like, Favorite and Share this. And send it to RWJ :)

Surprising dad with his dream car
A million views! If anyone deserved to have his dream come true it was my dad, who has helped us countless times. No, Scots do not show a lot of emotion. He was in shock and has been thanking us ever since. A few Spongebob fans in there. Yes, the kid was cold. The wheels were mismatched that day because of a puncture. Yes, we brought a Mercedes to a run down house with a trash heap, one of several incongruities we were dealing with at the time. We live in a beautiful house now...with a fine Mercedes. Nasty, ignorant comments will be deleted so don't waste your time. To everyone moved by my dad's humility, pay it forward!