Demolition Derby - Salmon Arm 2009

Bring it on. With out the pit crew that cuts, welds, rebuilds in record time, these cars would be in the scrap yard. More about the Derby:

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School Bus Demolition Derby - 2015 - Big Butler Fair
For some strange reason this is always a popular event at the fair - especially popular with the kids. July 6, 2015, Butler, Pennsylvania.

2014 Musgrave Harbour Demolition Derby - Small Car Heat
This is the 2014 Musgrave Harbour demolition derby featuring the compact cars.

Antelope Valley Fair Demolition Derby 2015
Filmed August 30, 2015 The annual Antelope Valley Fair full-size car Demo Derby took place at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds and we were there to film the action. Enjoy the seven camera angles and car crunching action.

2014 Gander Demolition Derby - Big Car Heat
This is the big car heat from the 2014 Gander Boys and Girls Club demolition derby.