Demolition Derby - Salmon Arm 2009

Bring it on. With out the pit crew that cuts, welds, rebuilds in record time, these cars would be in the scrap yard. More about the Derby:

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2014 Musgrave Harbour Demolition Derby - Small Car Heat
This is the 2014 Musgrave Harbour demolition derby featuring the compact cars.

Best of Rally Crash 2013
Filmy z rajdów i wyścigów

School Bus Demolition Derby - 2015 - Big Butler Fair
For some strange reason this is always a popular event at the fair - especially popular with the kids. July 6, 2015, Butler, Pennsylvania.

I Guarantee this will be one of the most memorable videos you watch today. Insanely smooth stop motion demolition derby action featuring 1/64 scale diecast cars from such manufacturers as Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Greenlight, M2, AutoWorld, and more! These tinfoil painted custom cars smash up in a 2 minute long demolition derby just like the real cars you see at your local fairs and shows! Check out the realism of the scenery, a super realistic HO scale diorama with all the features, except railway track! I only make videos like this one once in a while as they do take a lot of time and money to do, so enjoy this one until I can get another one served up!