Demolition Derby - Salmon Arm 2009

Bring it on. With out the pit crew that cuts, welds, rebuilds in record time, these cars would be in the scrap yard. More about the Derby:

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Demolition Derby Heat 6 - THE WINNER IS!!!!!!
Heat Six - the final for determining the winner. In reality EVERYONE is a winner. The Salmon Arm Demolition Derby was well run, there was a great turnout of fans and the proceeds go to a life saving charity, Salmon Arm Rescue Unit. The teams worked perfectly together, they had fun and will be back next year. AWESOME. More about the Derby:

Demolition Derby - Smash'em and Crash'em - YouTube
The 2012 Salmon Arm Demolition Derby is just days away, August 26, 2012... The boys of summer and girls will be destroying their cars again, kind of had a strange thought that in the not to distant future demolition derbies could be made up of 'Smart' cars and Fiats as the big Detroit cars become increasingly rare and hard to find. music by The Dead Rocks 08 - Crazy Race

This is Powder Puff all ladies Demolition Derby. Beware.

Heat 3 - Salmon Arm Annual Demolition Derby
Look, there are no imports or newer cars, the reason being that the derby teams are looking for cars with frames. If cars with frames get so deformed after a few hits, what would a uni-body car look like. Probably like having a tin can squashed around you. Another thing that is amazing is that after each heat, a sledge hammer, cutting torch and lots of engine know and the cars were running again. It cost $10 per person to attend as a spectator and all of that going to benefit the Salmon Arm Rescue Unit, the event is not only well worth attending for entertainment but you are helping a charity. Be here next year. More about the Derby: