Mitsubishi Eclipse Gs 1993

My Mitsubishi Eclipse Gs 1993 inport.

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Mitsubishi Eclipse, Allegro
Mitsubishi eclipse 1G - ASAPerformance Mitsubishi Eclipse vs SlowSilver Nissan GTR!!!
Here is some Florida action as AsaPerformance's AWD Eclipse goes against a Nissan GTR from HP Logic!! Checkout for more videos!!!

93 Eclipse Walkaround
This is a video of my 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse bone stock but in mint condition!. 5 speed red 4g63 goodness straight from Texas. Music is Fresh Like Us by Chiddy Bang.....please utube DO NOT delete my video

Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Turbo AWD Pulls & Two-Step
My friend Tanner's 91 GSX with turbo at 15 psi in the video, can turn it up to 20psi. 20g turbo along with many more mods. Enjoy! It's a eclipse gsx with talon bumpers btw