Mitsubishi Eclipse Gs 1993

My Mitsubishi Eclipse Gs 1993 inport.

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Mitsubishi Eclipse, Allegro
Mitsubishi eclipse 1G

Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 1G @ Snow Fun
Fun With AWD @ Snow :) I must edit Audio track of video because authorysation policy of youtube. So there's no engine sound now :(

1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX AWD Eagle Talon DSM
M & S Auto Sales & Masters 1577 Merrick Road Merrick, NY 11566 516-543-4600 http://www.MSAUTOMASTERS.COM

My 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS
This is my 93' Eclipse I picked up for $500. It's 2.0L N/T DOHC 135WHP FWD. FTMFW