Mitsubishi Eclipse Gs 1993

My Mitsubishi Eclipse Gs 1993 inport.

More Videos... - ASAPerformance Mitsubishi Eclipse vs SlowSilver Nissan GTR!!!
Here is some Florida action as AsaPerformance's AWD Eclipse goes against a Nissan GTR from HP Logic!! Checkout for more videos!!!

93 Eclipse Walkaround
This is a video of my 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse bone stock but in mint condition!. 5 speed red 4g63 goodness straight from Texas. Music is Fresh Like Us by Chiddy Bang.....please utube DO NOT delete my video

Mitsubishi Eclipse, Allegro
Mitsubishi eclipse 1G

Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Turbo AWD Pulls & Two-Step
My friend Tanner's 91 GSX with turbo at 15 psi in the video, can turn it up to 20psi. 20g turbo along with many more mods. Enjoy! It's a eclipse gsx with talon bumpers btw