Audi 80 Quattro with 4 wheel steering

Another "Go pro bonanza" with some onboard footage of a Audi 80 Quattro with 4 wheel steering. Yep, you read that right! As you see this car is not stock, and when it pulls and steers on all wheels it can be sketchy fast! Hesleskaug Video FB:

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Audi B2 4.2 V8 Quattro - movie
new video about my Audi B2 4.2 V8 300 KM Quattro Music: Sia - Breathe Me (Butch Clancy rmx)

Audi Quattro Classic Car Review - Paul Woodford
The original Audi Quattro gets the pulses of petrolheads, and BBC TV Producers racing. The original everyday supercar also got the world racing, to the tune of four wheel drive transmission and turbo power. Motoring presenter, Paul Woodford partners up once more with Great Escape Cars to get behind the wheel of one of the world's most iconic sports cars. Part of a series of motoring films you can watch at, this film continues Paul's approach of combining the traditional style of a car review, with the story and history of the car. Why not join the discussion on Twitter at @PaulWoodford84 || @ClassicsDriven || @CarFilms || @ClassicCarsHire. Thanks to: for the car for the rally footage Soundtrack: True Destiny (Blue Blood Version) - The Royalty Free Soundtrack Album Vol.2, iTunes / Ominous and Dramatic Film Score Music - Royalty Free Music for Making YouTube Videos, iTunes

Audi 80 widebody turbo quattro on ice track
Audi 80 widebody turbo quattro on ice track at Tahkovuori Nilsiä Finland. Video was shot with an iPhone 4S by JTmedia.

Porsche 997 Turbo VS. Audi 80 Quattro General Lee (Martinsson Racing) At Björkvik Shootout #3 2012
Porsche 997 turbo VS. Audi 80 Quattro General Lee (Martinsson Racing) Rolling start from 50km/h in 2nd gear. The Audi missfired from start and let off the throttle after 3rd gear Audi: 1044 hk / 890 Nm see link for more info about this awsome car: