1969 chevy Impala 350 V8 DONK

1969 Chevy Impala 350 V8 DONK Listed on eBay 01/11/10 http://shop.ebay.com/220539203584

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1970 impala 454 on 24's

For Sale 1969 Chevy Impala $9000 w/o system $11000 with it August 2012
Its rare because all did not come with disc brakes. 4 12s 18 inside speakers 5 screens pop trunk custom phantom grille 350 4 bolt main out of 69 Camaro sunroof 3 amps custom interior leather n suade. When i got this car it was no motor or trans ill upload a vid later with the pics. Im right at 25k i still have to fiberglass dash and back piece hook up a/c and get new tail lights. Only thing on this car that hasnt been changed is the springs. If you wanna buy let me kno 11racks firm

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